New content has been launched in Seller University: Seller performance, listings, pricing, and more


Seller University is Amazon’s one-stop learning service that helps all sellers, new and experienced, learn how to sell and succeed in Amazon’s store.

We have recently added new content to the Seller University library, including:

Seller performance: Learn about selling policies and actions that you can take to maintain great account health.

Listing products: Learn about the different aspects of listing products in the Amazon store, such as variations, product ID exemptions, and more.

Pricing: Learn how to stay competitive by pricing effectively and using pricing tools.

FBA: Learn about FBA, and its policies and services.

Learn more about Seller University and discover content to help you grow your business.


It would be really nice if these documents had an enlarging tool. I realize I can change the settings on my device, but really, why should someone need to do that to read a document?


Seller performance tool has become more easy and efficient to navigate with a new change.


I’m disappointed to see no new content about Safe-T claims. The current content is poorly written.


Yes, more excellent instruction and advice presented in an easily digestible format, to be ignored by the vast majority of Sellers.


Well, that is very nice to know. Here are 2 topics sellers are still waiting for.

**1. Add the chapter in Seller University explaining what Amazon is doing to prevent Buyer Return Fraud? **
2. Give sellers a Standard Template Format to use for filing Safe-T Claims.

These are simply designed to increase Amazon’s bottom line at the expense of 3rd Party sellers.


What you guy’s need is Seller Support University for the people u employ :slight_smile:


Why should we read it or watch it. We can rely on you as our seller university…:grinning:




Fixed the bolding so that the OP would not miss it.


We all know that #1 isn’t going to ever happen, and is a bad idea. Why not just have a Seller University course titled, “How to commit fraud on Amazon”. What Amazon is doing to combat this needs to be sort of hush-hush, or the bad guys (Buyers and Sellers) have a map with what not to do clearly marked.

#2 isn’t a Seller University thing, but possibly a good idea in Seller Central. However, as we all know the minute it was done, 30,000 Sellers would immediately take issue with it because it didn’t work for them.


We don’t need to know everything that Amazon does, just some of it. In particular, we don’t need to know their investigative techniques or their metrics. All we need is to see results.

IOW, I want to see heads on pikes.


Amazon and this or that law enforcement agency or attorney general/general counsel put out a press release about every three months highlighting a major success. I suspect the lack of public self-congratulation by Amazon, has to do with not discussing ongoing investigations and pending trials (which is a good policy) corporate policy. For some reason the more one side discloses and discusses the more often they tend to lose.

Bit barbaric, aren’t we? I thought we were all about a kinder gentler, penal system. Where we reduced recidivism with education, and mental health treatment. And here you are going all medieval and not only wanting to eliminate any possibility of recidivism, but also sending a clear public message of dissuasion to potential future criminals! Just wow, your method is far to effective, and the boys in Washington wouldn’t be able to throw money at the problem and campaign on it every November.

For those with degrees in International Relations and Economics from Boston University, @rms is describing a no longer practiced custom of removing criminals heads from their necks and sticking them on pointy sticks stuck in the ground in a high traffic public place, to one prevent the criminal from ever doing that again, and to be a lesson on why violating the law is a very bad idea. The costs for this program is very, very low. It might be worth discussing as an option at your next defend the police rally.


Apparently, your plea has not fallen on a heart of stone.


all the info is great, but scammers won’t read/view and the only thing that matters is how they enforce all of this, which is always the weak link here

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