New Contact Customer feature for brand owners


Does anybody know the timeframe a customer can actually change or remove a product review? They have 90 days to leave one I am aware. So if a customer leaves a review at 98 days. How long do we have to go to work?


nice, feedback terrorism oh im sure they will remove it if you give your item for free !


Just another tool for buyers to abuse in order to get REFUNDS or free product…

“hurrrrr if i leave negatives they will give me my money back hurrrrr”


I just tried this out. Of the 3 reviews that I had that qualified, 1 of the customers had opted out of seller emails.

We’ll see if anything comes of the 2 messages that went through. I do like that they tell you who has opted out of emails, so you don’t have to guess. It would be even nicer if there was a flag on the review to tell you this or, better yet, no option to send messages to buyers who won’t receive them…


You have 100 negative reviews?


Not really. You have a choice between 2 canned scripted responses. No customization allowed with the communication.


I sit corrected. Thanks for updating me.


Believe it or not the Automotive sector is not filled with the most kind people.


does not work


Maybe you can enlighten me…I am not sure how this feature really helps. Our basic customer complaint is that through FBA the items arrive broken. Amazon gives them a refund or another one. The template does not allow to be able to even say “sorry, this was shipped via Amazon and we have no control over how they throw our stuff around”…so is this new feature really anything? Maybe I am missing something?


You’re not missing anything. It’s very restrictive unfortunately.


For me to even consider this, I’d need to be able to write a customized message that speaks to the substance of the review, and the template Amazon uses would have to include a link for the customer to change that review, should they feel so inclined. As it stands, this feels like Amazon trying to have its cake and eat it too. They don’t trust sellers to communicate about negative reviews (and I get why), but they’re still hoping for us to dish out refunds because of them. That only incentivizes the worst type of customer to continue behaving badly.

It would be much more helpful if they gave us back the ability to post public responses to bad reviews, so that we can clear up any misunderstandings about the product.


BroodX., You covered the main concerns precisely. I’m confused why they even instituted this feature. It makes no sense and the canned reply to the buyer they have is not even helpful, meaningful, or useful.


This will get abused.


Seems helpful and maybe is.

But on the other hand…

This gives customers in the know another way to manipulate sellers into free products with a shiny new weapon.


I’ve heard tha when you offer exceptional customer service even after a bad review you can turn a disgruntled customer into your biggest advocate!


wow give us what we used to have … but only if your a Brand Owner


gives you, as a brand owner, the ability to contact your customers after they leave a 1, 2, or 3-star product review.

Maybe I’m different than other people, but if I am annoyed/angry enough with my purchase experience to leave a negative review, the LAST thing I want is the whiny seller or brand owner contacting me to try and “persuade” me to change my mind.

If you earned yourself a negative, then your job should be to learn from that and do better for the next guy.

Don’t come whining to me about how you don’t deserve the poor mark you earned.


That’s literally not happened once for us. We’ve reached out and offered refunds and sent replacement items and they’ve almost never changed their feedback and Amazon will continue letting them straight up LIE in reviews (the seller never responded to us, etc)… This won’t make a difference for most sellers.



Why does this only apply to Brand Registered Brand owners?

For Renewed listings, sellers are responsible for any 1-2-3 star reviews associated with purchases customers made of their inventory, regardless if they were the ones who created the listing.

Will there be a way for non brand owners to contact customers and try to improve their situation?