New Apparel size attributes for your listings


Starting June 30, 2020, we have a new set of attributes specific to Apparel sizes that will be used to display standardized and consistent size values to on-site customers. New size attributes will be introduced as optional across listing experiences for dress, sweater, and coat product types starting July 31, 2020, with enforcement beginning on August 31, 2020. We will complete similar roll-outs to other apparel product types through 2020.

We encourage you to begin to familiarize yourself with the details, outlined on our Help page Apparel Product Listing Experience and related FAQ page.


I think the word “enforcement” should be removed from the Amazon vocabulary.

New size attributes will be introduced as optional across listing experiences for dress, sweater, and coat product types starting July 31, 2020, with enforcement beginning on August 31, 2020.

Also, say it for what it is - this is not optional.

Amazon, try something like this:

During the pandemic shelter-in-place, more Buyers have turned to Amazon to shop for clothes. We have seen an increase in returns and complaints about getting the correct size as new buyers come to Amazon to shop. We compared Amazon to single-brand stores and discovered that elsewhere our Buyers are used to consistent sizing across all catalog items, which we currently do not have in the Amazon catalog.

To keep those new Buyers and encourage Buyers to continue spending more of their apparel dollars on Amazon (and to reduce lost sales and returns due to sizing), we have designed new standard size attributes that over time will increase Buyer confidence that they will receive the size they need - the first time they order. We have done extensive research on what standard sizes are most appreciated by Buyers.

We see from sales and returns data that this is critical to drive sales and reduce returns for the entire apparel category.

Programming will be finished in time for you to start updating your listings to the new standard sizes on August 1st, 2020. We will phase out the old sizing choices on September 1, 2020 - you will have a total of 31 days to update your catalog. We chose September 1, 2020 so that our Buyers have the opportunity to adjust to the new standard sizes before they start shopping for the holiday season in November.

Please open a case if you have any questions. All cases that include the words “new standard sizing” will be automatically forwarded to the team responsible for this transition. If there are common questions, we will add the answers to this post to help everyone transition faster. Thank you, and good selling.

OK, a bit wordy, but I’m writing this fast! BTW I made up all the information above. However this does illustrate how to talk to sellers - we are smart business people that want changes that are actually going to be good for our businesses - and Amazon should respect us enough to explain why the changes are being made and provide us with a means to ask questions that will get answered.


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I do not sell apparel but feel the need to support the statement that saying why you are doing something and the rationale for doing make nearly all sellers appreciate the situation. We can think not just complain.

Two practical questions.

  1. Is it possible for all clothing lines to switch to your sizing in 30 days. Seems like you already have product that is already made and labelled that will need to go out the door.

Secondly are you going with the change in size pursued by some to compliment the larger sized people. For example Walmart’s brands are labelled with at least one size smaller and they have to put up signs to buy one size smaller, particularly since dressing rooms are closed.

Good luck all.


Wonder how long it will take for Amazon to screw up sewing patterns. I give it a couple of days and they will start suppressing. They have not a clue about how sewing patterns work or they would not continually try to ascribe a “color” to sewing pattern listings or issue pricing alerts for a $7 pattern. I have been at Amazon as a seller for a very long time and have noticed that in recent years they have managed to screw up the price of a free lunch. Now that you can generally not talk through things with an actual person but you CAN do the open a case things and spend hours of time and generally 12 or more emails to simply get something simple changed…and now there is a new gorilla in the room that is going to screw up sizing for patterns. They don’t have a clue.


For existing apparel detail pages will the seller’s of that product be able to correct and add details to the product page so they are in compliance?


Are there new XSDs available showing where to include the new required attributes in listings feeds?


What is the process for having size attributes added? The FAQ page mentions to contact support, which I have done, but they state that they currently do not have a process for adding attributes. Doesn’t seem like a very well coordinated rollout.


I just wanted to add an update. I have still been going back and forth with Seller Support about adding new size attributes because we sell clothing for premature babies, and currently they only have one size attribute for preemie. We offer clothing in three different preemie sizes and need additional options added to support this.

The FAQ page for this states: “If you feel that you have a valid use-case where your size isn’t an available option, you can submit a request to Amazon support.” We believe that we do, so we opened a case. The issue is, they keep coming back stating that there is not a path for them to add additional sizes. Such a mess.


On this page in amazon’s help pages:

Part way down on the page there is an item in the left hand column:

Body Type Suffixes
In that row it says to put the body type with the size and leave a space between.
We want to do XX-Large Slim and 3X-Large Slim
because our 2XL and 3XL fit small.

Does anyone know if body type suffixes optional or not?

Does anyone know if you use a regular upload spreadsheet and add this suffix?

And when we do, do we change the Size column and also the Size Map Column? or just the Size column?

Does anyone know if the titles of our items which contain the size have to be updated?

Also does anyone know if Amazon is ready to accept the new size attributes into shirts category? Or do we have to wait for an announcement.

Thanks everyone.