New Amazon Return System


So how are dimensions/weights determined? The weight we enter when we ship? Can’t be, given the fact that not every order goes through Buy Shipping.


Awful news


I know that in case of UPS, for example, prepaid return label costs will be adjusted by the carrier’s system up or down if it doesn’t match actual details.

I do not believe this is the case with USPS although someone may have a different experience.


It seems there are plenty of exemptions available to avoid prepaid returns.

Sellers have complained for YEARS, that there is no way to issue a customer a prepaid return label, without using a third party service, since prepaid return labels, were previously NOT an option on Amazon.

Be careful what you ask for +and+ read ALL the details before flipping out.


Apparently the product detail page (see the FAQ), apparently leaving you open to potential problems with inaccurate detail pages produced by other sellers, etc.


So I admit that i’ve only briefly looked over this a couple of times rather than spend a fair amount of time once, but it sounds pretty nasty.

So we can exempt if that is allowed on any/all categories. If not, some 3P will increase prices to try and keep their profits the same and therefore look less price competitive than others, some may be concerned about this and will stick with current prices and take the hit to their profits.

Then of course we’ll all need to check the system and make sure the package weights and dimensions showing are correct, most importantly for any item that has ever been FBA as I imagine that these are the weights/dimensions Amazon will use when generating the pre-paid return labels. If you’ve ever shipped an item to Amazon try and change the weight and dimensions on the item. Last time I looked you couldn’t override but maybe it’s changed now. If they haven’t changed that, then that’s an issue. That was addressed when we called on each item but only on the ones that we noticed when we were going through long term storage fee reports or sales reports and saw shipping charges or dimensional weight charges etc.

Then we have either the scammers or the likes of the really cheap Chinese sellers, they aren’t going to give a hoot about this, they are going to auto authorize the refunds. It’s not important to them, they are going to look even cheaper with this going into to effect. They are already painfully cheap with free shipping, or almost non existent shipping, they will look even better from October.

As said, this is me looking briefly I need to sit down and give it a solid look.


Which opens up the question of whether or not these adjustments will be made (and reflected in the Amazon system) before the new 2 day maximum time frame for handling returns passes, or how it handles carrier equipment malfunctions, etc. (I once had FedEx try to bill me for a non-existent package with a message on the invoice saying their equipment was broken, etc. that they promptly cancelled when called about).


Yup. It says we can exempt 50,000 skus for various reasons including cheaper shipping costs available. That’s probably the exemption I will use.


+You can file an appeal if Amazon authorized a return or refund on your behalf that you don’t believe should have been authorized, or the item came back to you in unacceptable condition, or the customer selected an incorrect return reason code.+

+You can appeal the order as soon as the customer ships the item back to you. Until the item is shipped, your account will not be charged, and therefore you cannot file an appeal.+

Wonder what the appeal process is on bogus return claims just so the buyer wouldn’t have to pay the return shipping? Or will a buyer saying “defective, doesn’t work” become the new norm when requesting a return?


Actually, as of tomorrow, August 1, 2017, USPS will be checking the weight of all parcels, through a new system.

Parcels that +overcompensate+ the weight, will supposedly be refunded, directly to the account holder or charged directly to the account holder, for +underestimated+ weights and insufficient postage.

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>What happens if the return is lost or damaged in transit?
>The seller will be responsible for filing a claim directly with the carrier if a return is lost or damaged in transit. If this happens, please process a full refund to the customer, and file a claim directly with the carrier to receive a reimbursement.

So… the customer who never returns the item gets a refund and a free item and all they have to do is swear they gave it to UPS? Because UPS is going to say the item was never scanned and I’m screwed.


Seeing as we sell Fitness Equipment and the items are VERY heavy (60 - 130lbs), …

If I get any buyers who returns an item with this new system in place for dumb reasons like “buyers remorse”, “opps bought the wrong one!”, “no longer need”, etc and the item is not defective or damaged…im simply deducting the costs of the return shipping from their refund…end of story.

This is madness for Amazon to force this upon us. I think THEY (amazon) should take care of the costs of return shipping if they want to make it that easy for THIER customer (yes, its their customer…not ours) to return something.


Codes for reasons:


If you are a Professional seller, you may request exemptions for SKUs that fall under the following categories:

  • Products have special shipping or handling requirements (e.g. dangerous goods)
  • You have less expensive shipping rates for specific products
  • Items are non-returnable by law
  • The item’s cost is lower than the cost of return shipping
  • High-valued items you have listed need special shipping (e.g. requiring special shipping insurance)
  • It is a non-physical item (e.g. warranties, digital software, digital coupons)


I am a little confused. Does this mean that if the buyer says they changed their mind or better price that they will still receive a prepaid label debited right to our account?

Are we able to still withhold restocking fees for these returns?

Of course, we can no longer protect ourselves against feedback.


This is essentially the beginning of the end for 3P sellers.

Whats absolutely fascinating is how brazen Amazon is becoming and how quickly. The levels of fraud that will occur based off this policy is crazy… its like they are making the platform a playground for fraud to inflate stock prices and make a killing before things get REALLY bad and collapse under the weight.

Hmm… interesting times these are.


I did not receive this email yet.


USPS has announced that they will also start ADJUSTING and back charging for incorrect postage. This is going to be a nightmare for small businesses.


This is not the case for Individual sellers, though; we’re not allowed to exempt anything. Nor are we able to request that the buyer return their books using Media Mail. As was discussed last fall when some sellers were drafted into the trial period for this new policy, this is one more nail in the coffin of the Individual seller. Following so closely on the heels of the gating of many textbooks and the “popular music” category, that coffin lid is almost completely sealed now; we are gasping for our last breath here.

R.I.P., Individual sellers. :frowning:


What? Why would any business’s postage be incorrect (aka, too low) so often that actually being forced to pay the correct charge would become a “nightmare”?


This is the killing stroke for all you textbook resellers. I forsee a huge percentage of return labels printed on the 30th day and, oops, I forgot to send it for another 2 months!