New Amazon Return System


I am thinking once the scammer find and target the sellers who go to returnless refunds their returns will sky rocket


Did this go into effect today? I can still see the option in my return settings that I can authorize each request.


It’s going to be rolled out to all sellers over the course of a few weeks.


There is a LARGER number of sellers that have OPTED OUT OF EMAILS, so you can pretend like you have some magic touch, you are just full of baloney. Is this Jeff Bezos? You make it sound so easy so I know you are lying.


I have had no problem charging a restocking fee on discretionary returns. I rarely even field a question about it. For one, it prevents returns when they know all of the costs upfront. I have only ever had a couple questions about it. I have had no issue getting a couple of negatives regarding return issues removed. A-Z is no concern on the 20% restocking fee as it is policy and nothing to haggle over. I ALWAYS charge discretionary restocking unless I see the customer has been with us quite a while and never caused an issue or returned in the past.

In fact, I find this will save me a little time and a little money. First, if I am not at my desk producing a shipping label and changing it to jpg is a massive hassle. The ShipStation app doesn’t do it well. It takes me 15-20 minutes to get a customer a label if I’m on the road. Two, I suspect we will see less false return reasons in which I have to provide a label and refund 100%. Now I will be able to deduct the label and restocking fees on more returns. It may eliminate a major annoyance of the return system for us.

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BEZOS the CLOWN has gone too far. The entire company HATES SELLERS. TIME TO BOYCOTT THE THIEVES - YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE MONEY AND GO OUT OF BUSINESS ANYWAY. I am taking down over 2000 items…There is NO WAY this is legal - it’s just dirty and vile. PUT AMAZON OUT OF BUSINESS. TAKE your items to eBay and the customers WILL FOLLOW.

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you are so full of baloney. How much money and time are you spending trying to fight the policies and get the customer to pay. This is UNACCEPTABLE on any level and BEZOS the CLOWN doesn’t CARE if you LIVE OR DIE. SALES are INCREASING ON EBAY and I hope it continues. There is NOTHING but greed behind this. Amazon has tried to put small sellers out of business FOR YEARS. This is just his best attempt ever.


You are completely off here. Been in this program voluntarily and involuntarily due to sfp. It is a blessing and only saves a lot of time. Amazon gives no grief about restocking and deducting return label fee for non seller faulted returns. Yes there are buyers who claim defective and get away but that is just the cost of doing business. Even for atoz claims u will be fine, just make sure to take pics. Surprisingly not a lot of buyers complain about restocking fee either. Just make ur auto return authorization is very clear about it as that it what the customer will print out. Overall save time to make more money.

Will add a bit more: we have had a good bit of switcheroos and we declined to refund. Either the buyer took it back when confronted while some adamantly claimed that is what came out of the box. Amazon refunded the buyer but promptly reimbursed us when we sent in pics of what was sent to the buyer versus what we received (yes we take pics of everything). Amazon Has decided to run on no to low margins but in my opinion they are not doing so at our cost and have been very genuine! Be smart and make money of this no margin enterprise or else complain and get booted.

This program does hurt the dropshippers which is good for fbm folks since the dropshippers will have to mark up more now :slight_smile:

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Not all categories are returnable


I was not aware sellers can opt out of emails. I know +buyers+ can.

Bunga Bunga’s experience with Amazon policy is backed up by our own. Which makes your commentary come across as wishes and fancy rather then fact. On the forums almost every time a Seller complains about Amazon’s abuse of something we come to find out that the seller did not do as required of them. While there are a few exceptions, they are just that. A few exceptions.

Since you are so unhappy dealing with Amazon perhaps this place is just not for you.


So by my count this will be the 21st beginning of the end of 3rd party sellers so far this year. Oy.


>I was not aware sellers can opt out of emails.

Yeah there is a whole confusing page for that, although I haven’t read this whole thread to see what sorts of emails he is talking about. See Seller Central / Settings / Notification Preferences. You can turn off lots of stuff there, and I see they have reorganized that page into categories to make it easier.

bunga bunga!


Here is what amuses me. If Amazon wanted 3P sellers off the site all they have to do is open the door and kick us out.

There is no contract saying we have to be here or else Amazon will go to jail, be fined, have someone steal their lollipop…

They can decide that they only want one kind of seller here. Or not. The fact that people are still selling books, other media, computers, groceries, etc shows that they still want 3P sellers here.

The rules changes are for Amazon’s benefit. The fact that they help us as well is just a bonus. The automated returns system, for instance, enforces Amazons return policy that all sellers should be adhering to anyway. It also permits Amazon to automatically track all the returns and hopefully find abusers on both sides of the coin. And it is customer centric like most of Amazons policies are.

Amazon wants 3P sellers. Why? We make money for them. Its the problem children Amazon does not want. Those cost Amazon money and all this, when you look at it, is about money and automation.

Nothing that I have seen in Amazon’s changes in the years I have been here have been the death of anybody who were unable to adapt and move on. They have forced people to raise prices, ship faster, and be held to a higher standard then Amazon holds itself to, but nothing has been a killing blow.

Beginning of the end my left foot! It is the end only if you choose to end it!!


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Most of the email opt outs are meh. You see the notifications when you log in.

The important ones you cannot opt out of. And there are others that if you opt out of them you will get what you deserve for being a numbskull.

They basically have it setup now so that every possible event they can send something to you for, they will let you get an email for. Makes me wonder if Legal told them to do it? Just in case for lawsuits about people not getting emails about “important things”?


>you are so full of baloney.

Sad to say, that would probably be an improvement to my diet.

>How much money and time are you spending trying to fight the policies and get the customer to pay.

It takes me maybe 3 minutes to write an A-z claim response, given that I have written about 4-500 of them now. No big deal. And I win a lot of them.

Not sure why you’re getting on me so much. You say I’m full of beef by-products, but most of your post is about Bezos and Amazon.

bunga bunga!


Do you think the AZ claims will increase after this or still stay the same?

#233 just lost a 8 year old seller. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. Every seller knows the buyer is going to not give an accurate description to return a product they made a mistake ordering.


>Every seller knows the buyer is going to not give an accurate description to return a product they made a mistake ordering.

About 2/3 of the return reasons we get are buyer-fault, usually no longer needed or ordered wrong item.

Of the remaining 33%, only about 5% are our fault, so about 28% are incorrectly categorized.

Of that 28%, about 2/3, or 19%, are “Arrived too late” claims. These should be easy to win since we know the delivery range and when the item was delivered. The buyer is saying the item arrived later than they wanted, not later than it was supposed to.

So my concern is with the 9% remaining that are not actually our fault but the customer claims they are.

I’m not going to worry about 9% of returns; not yet, anyway.

bunga bunga!

P.S. I didn’t realize Amazon allowed eight-year-olds to sell here.

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