New Amazon MWS Application - How to Meet Data Protection Policy?


Our company would like to develop an application to help us evaluate our product line. We were hoping to develop it for internal use first before then making it available for the public. We do not currently have any technology / data security experts within our company, and we have not worked with any third parties in this realm either. Thus, we aren’t sure where to begin as far as meeting the requirements of the data protection policy. Specifically, we need to make sure we are compliant with the network controls and data encryption portions of the policy, as these seem to be the most technologically difficult for someone with minimal knowledge about data protection.

  • The FAQ mentions the AWS partner program. The problem is we aren’t sure what exactly we should be looking for in a partner. Does anyone have a recommended AWS partner that can help us get set up for network controls and/or data encryption to meet the data protection policy?

  • Outside of the AWS partner program, are there any solutions that might be available for us and easy to implement to help us set up network controls and/or data encryption to meet the data protection policy requirements?

  • Any other tips / advice for us that may be helpful as we work to obtain access to the MWS API?

Thank you!!


I would think any good and experienced IT consultant should be able to read the requirements and help you adjust your system to meet the requirements. If you are going to use Amazon servers for your environment, then I would think any of the AWS partners should be fine to get you started. If you are looking for help with the MWS developer ID application process or just want to talk with someone to get you started, you can send me a private message on these forums for an off-line discussion.

David Nelson
Dynamic Enterprise Technologies Inc
Seattle Washington USA