New Amazon Custom listing features


The Amazon Custom listing experience has new features allowing you to offer customizable and make-on-demand products in your store.

You can find the features on the Manage Inventory page in Seller Central. There are tool tips that guide you through the experience. These features allow you to:

  • Charge an additional fee for select customization options.
  • Customize up to five surfaces on one product. Within each surface you can add up to 10 text and image customizations and up to 100 options customizations.
  • Upload up to 20 custom fonts or select from more than 100 preloaded fonts.
  • Assign different colors to each text field.
  • Control the types of characters customers can enter, including emojis, letters and numbers, and capital letters.
  • Specify the number of text lines within a customization field, allowing customers to wrap or stack text within a single field.
  • Permit customers to upload one or more image files to any location on the product.
  • Preview the customer experience before the listing is live.

The new features are available for registered Amazon Custom sellers. If you have a Professional selling account and would like to use the new features, you can register here.


Amazon customization missing 3 main most important feature
1- %90 or more customers are using their phone “not their pc/mac” and they do not see the preview at all before adding it to their cart, they are not aware of swiping back up to see the preview, therefore before they can add it to their cart, preview of their item must be shown with a required tick box "where they approve the preview/spelling/no copyright/no trademark. This is a must option. Or at least a mandatory video watch one time per account that shows how to use the customization tool and see the preview before adding it to cart. Having the preview moving down right on top of the add to cart will also help.(For multiple surfaces it is even harder since there is no preview approval step)

2- Additional surfaces without being able to charge extra is not useful at all, additional surfaces must have the option to charge extra.(This feature can be easily added with if/or option).

3- Same as number 2 If/or customization with pricing change is a must, customer needs to make selection before they start customization and depending on the selection, customization will show up with price reflecting.(example, would you like to add text or image or both? would you like to customize back/front /side/top/bottom etc depending on the product and then depending on the selection you will set up your customization and pricing.

I love that now fonts and colors can apply to all listing but I wish we could select ASIN list to apply as we do Print/Embroidery/Laser and can’t use same fonts for all the listing so we will have to do individually.

Last but not least, customer can not see the customization details on their order history, I mean they can see the text only but it is almost hidden(they have to go order details and click on “more” to expand and “more” does not seem like button to click on at all. If they ordered image customization they can not see that on their order history the customization at all.

Above all from customer feedback that we have gathered over the 3.5 years selling custom products on Amazon.

Before I forget, give approved sellers to extend ship out dates as customers are making mistakes and as all of you very well aware of customers do not respond or see messages from sellers, due to incorrect customization input from customers we have to contact customers and they do not see or respond back so we have to cancel these orders , therefore give us the option to extend shipping dates or do not count cancellation that effects our metrics, Also sometimes customers leaves a note in the customization section instead of the actual customization that we must contact them back.


Also for image customization have us the option to require minimum size image as many customers uploading thumbnail size images that will turnout like a minecraft image:) pix-elated images and as i mentioned previously even we messaged them they do not see the messages or respond back , or at least they do not respond quick enough where order ship by date is due already.

Also is there an advanced excel template for the update?


Is this feature of adding those emojis, letters and numbers, and capital letters done by Amazon when requested by the customers?


Nope they are done by 3rd party sellers


I am looking into this for developing Custom Server Configurations by allowing the customers to add hard drives, memory, controllers, NIC’s, etc… to a specific Enterprise server chassis. Variations don’t work because it’s not customize-able like i’m looking for. This custom listing feature seems like it could be the right fit for what we are trying to do.

So far the tool is very easy to use and I think it will work for what we want to do. The only issue is that you can’t add “Quantity” to the Option Drop Down. So for example, we would have a DL360 Gen10 Server with a 4110 processor and allow the customer to add hard drives and memory through the “option dropdown” feature. Because there is no QTY field we would have to add the hard drives selection field 8x (because there are 8 slots for the server). Would it be possible to add QTY to the option drop down? This would solve the issue.

Also - are there any plans to potentially link “options” to other ASIN’s in your catalog so that the inventory would be picked from your catalog once ordered, and according to the options the customer selected.


Another back-end thing that should be addressed is for customers who do not follow instructions on the custom listings. Since we sell some items in PRIME the customer often doesn’t check their messages (or don’t know how) and I can’t fullfill their order so instead I cancel it which could impact me in the future. Thankfully right now, that metric isn’t penalizing our account. I can’t think of any other way to be more explicit with my instructions. We have tons of orders where everything is perfect and then the occasional human that just doesn’t get it. There should be a cancel reason that doesn’t affect us such as “This customer is a dumbass” lol


I don’t like that if you are adding a text customization you either have to use Amazon’s fonts or upload a font.

Frankly I show people samples of the actual font because they aren’t an exact match to Amazon’s method of showing fonts.

And I’m not going to retool my fonts to match Amazon. It’s like Amazon has removed the ability to customize!


Is it only me or since these updates it takes FOREVR to load 25 orders in the bulk page!!!


Do I have to pay for the registration?