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I wish it were that simple, but I’ve checked and rechecked everything a dozen times. There is no conceivable issue that any human being could find with anything that I’ve submitted, and I have nothing in my background that would raise any suspicion. I’m a US born veteran with a clean record, no debt, and a great credit score. This was an error with their automated software or just the negligence of a low level employee with too much discretion and no reason to care.

Thank you for your comment.


I am waiting for your update for this case, due to I just meet the same issue as yours.


I’m still here, I’ll let you know if I ever get the issue resolved and if so what finally worked.


Hello, I am following this thread with you. I experienced the same issue as you, along with the same e-mails you received word-for-word. I sent my passport and bank statement and everything was approved and I was charged 39.99 for the selling plan. After 13 minutes I was suspended, having never listed or sold a product. I am 21 years old and never had a seller account nor any history with Amazon selling. I had hoped that I could begin a new business on the platform but it appears new sellers are not being accepted.


Disturbingly, this does seem to be the case for a lot of people trying to sell. Many people submit the wrong paperwork the first time, but for others it just seems like Amazon doesn’t want them selling regardless of documentation. Amazon is clearly struggling with major internal issues right now.

I’ve spent $2000 to hire a consultant team to try to escalate my case and find out what the problem is. Hopefully we’ll succeed, and I’ll be able to come back and share the insight so the rest of you don’t have to waste thousands of dollars just to open an account that is theoretically supposedly to be either free or $39.99 per month.


I sincerely hope that the money is well spent. My two appeals were denied with exactly the same responses as yours. At first I was angry and confused, and did nothing for a few days. I wrote a forcefully worded third appeal to Amazon, but luckily I did not send it. I stopped to regroup.

Now, I changed strategies. I registered, by hand for minimal cost, a new corporation and corresponding tax id number. Although my “tax interview,” was already completed and approved with my personal social security number, I restarted that process with the corporate details. Although I remain suspended, the tax information now says it is in the process of being confirmed. When that finishes, I intend to calmly write Amazon a new appeal, using these steps as my “plan of action,” that I enacted.

Obviously in the byzantine Amazon system there exist no guarantees, so I won’t allow my hopes to be raised that Amazon will open the account, but abandoning a suspended account with my social security number would undoubtedly prevent me from ever having a seller account in the future, so I have little choice but to continue to try, even if I no longer wish to sell items at this moment.


Good luck to you.

And I think you should be conscious that after Amazon’s initial message requesting additional documents from me, they responded to two of my emails, then their third response was the “we may not reply further” email. And they have indeed refused all communication since then including a callback request and the first appeal from my consultant team.

So if you’ve only sent two, it might be a good idea for you to just take a break from it and see if I or anyone else can find a resolution. Looks like you only get 3 tries, so if the first two indicate that they’ve already decided that you’re going to fail… Try to wait it out and see if a solution appears.


Hey. I noticed that you are very purposeful. Tell me please, did you solve this problem?


I am sorry to hear everything you are going through. In the future (for you or anyone else out there that might be going through something like this) there are successful consultants that can help get you reinstated for a lot cheaper than 2k.

If anyone is interested they can pm me for info.

I hope to hear that your account is up and running very soon.


The truth is that if I had been suspended for violating a rule, I could have written my own appeals and been reinstated. Most people who just need help writing an appeal have poor writing skills, the inability to actually read and comprehend the rules and required appeal format, and a stubbornness that means they refuse to listen to the experts on the forums. None of that applies to me.

This is a case of Amazon having severe internal problems. And I’ve learned that the reason these appeal companies charge what they charge is not because they have any expertise. It’s because they have contacts.

The level of incompetence and outright corruption that I’ve encountered thus far has totally precluded any possibility that I will sell on Amazon in the near future, regardless of whether my account is reinstated or not. Amazon is a ticking time bomb.

When this case is concluded, whether that means I get reinstated or not, I will not sell on Amazon. I will post a new topic on the forums that includes an expose of just how dirty the whole process is, and I’ll tag the mods and send a copy of the entire thing to Jeff’s Executive Team. I doubt any of them care, but with Amazon being as silo’d as it is, there’s a chance that they don’t realize the magnitude of what’s happening. Either way, I’m done with Amazon so I don’t have to fear retaliation.


I got the “We may not respond” email after my first appeal and indeed they haven’t responded yet and it’s been over 2 months.


I received the exact same messages as you word for word in the exact same order.

I followed the same process you did.

I tried to set up a new account and I have never tried to conduct any business on the platform as it was a brand new account.

I’m at the 3rd email and I’m not sure how to move forward at this point.

Pretty frustrating and not sure what to do. Looks like if I ask for help from Amazon 3 times, then I will be locked out forever.


Yes, it’s very frustrating. I don’t know your individual situation. I am not a full-time seller, I was opening an account to start selling from scratch as a part-time job. So for me it’s definitely not worth the headache.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do.


There is always a chance to get the account opened. I have gotten an account reinstated after it was suspended for 2 years.

You can PM me if you have any questions.


can i know how you got your account reactivated? my storry is like a few here- a new seller, got suspended, and cant find out how to continue from this point. amazon isnt responding to the mailes.


May be your AT&T bill is the problem. It looks Amazon only accept gas & eletric bill, see the topic below:


I don’t accept that they’ve done this because they don’t accept hard-line internet as utility when it clearly fits their own description of a utility bill. Further, most forum vets explicitly say that internet is utility. For example…

Moreover, the consultant team had no issue with the utility bill. If Amazon has suddenly reversed policy and put a hard barrier on accepting wired internet as a utility after previously saying that it is utility and accepting it as utility, they have not said it anywhere or demonstrated it clearly. I’m done looking for solutions regardless, as I don’t believe there is one.

This is just an Amazon problem that sellers can’t do anything about except keep rolling the dice as many times as their patience/wallets allow.


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Almost 5 months later, I’m back posting my concession speech. The issue was never resolved, and after 5 months of trying every conceivable option, I don’t think anyone could solve it without a lot more luck or leverage than I have. Amazon never relented in their stonewalling. They are clearly either not interested in expanding to new sellers, or they’re having severe internal corruption/technical issues. I think it’s a combination of both, as I was initially stonewalled by poorly coded Amabots, but then subsequently blown off by an unbelievable number of Amazon employees.

In my last few posts, I had already done everything I could with Amazon directly and resorted to hiring a professional team of consultants. I spent $2000 hiring one of the most well-known “consultant” firms that specializes in Amazon dispute resolution. This experience was eye opening.

This firm was well aware that Amazon has been rampantly suspending new sellers with no warning, no reason, and no willingness to resolve the issues. The “consultant” team and their methods shine a light on how bad things really are. The lead consultant is an ex-manager with Amazon’s Seller Performance. Their methods? Leak internal email addresses from their ex-colleagues to try to get an insider to do the job that Seller Performance refuses to. This is their entire business model for these types of issues–they are just selling insider contact information, because apparently support is so bad at this point that even white-hat sellers are not safe unless they’ve got a friend on the inside.

After sending thorough information and pleas to the direct Amazon email addresses of five individual managers who work inside Amazon support, I still got no response. Feeling cheated by both Amazon and the “consultants” who are just selling the contacts of Amazon managers who are apparently as apathetic in doing their jobs as front-line Seller Performance, I threw a fit and managed to get a 50% refund. So instead of paying $2000 for five email address to people who refused to respond, I paid only $1000. I somehow still don’t feel good about this.

I’m not even mad at this point since I’ve already spent so much time on it and totally given up, but I’m still vaguely stunned that such a major company actually operates like this. This is something I would expect from a political satire making fun of the big bad bureaucratic corporation run by a bunch of incompetent goons, but that has more or less been my entire experience with Amazon for 5 months.

To those of you searching for help, I have no further advice to give anyone who is still asking beyond what has already been said. I was suspended for no reason with no hope of appeal and not a single one of Amazon’s 600,000+ employees were willing to speak to me to resolve the issue at any point in 5 months. What more is there to say…?

Good luck to anyone struggling with this issue… but take my advice: don’t get your hopes up.


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