New account suspended. Need help



I’ve created an account some time ago and send the bill buy not translated and it was on private person. It wasn’t accepted.
This is what I’ve received:

For your security, we have suspended your Amazon seller account because we need additional documentation to verify your identity. During our review, you will not be able to sell on Amazon. Funds will not be transferred to you but will be held in your account while we work with you to address this issue. Please ship any open orders.

Why is this happening?
If you currently sell on Amazon, we need to verify a change to your payment methods and additional documentation to verify your identity. If you did not make this change, contact Seller Support.

How do I reactivate my account?
Please confirm that there is a valid credit card on file, and provide one of the following documents in .pdf, .png, .jpeg, or .gif format. These documents must be authentic and unaltered.
-- A business license, if applicable.
-- A bill that is dated within the last 90 days for piped or natural gas, electricity, piped water, or internet service with name and address visible

The name and address on the document must match your name and address in Seller Central. Please certify that you have provided the document(s) in one of the supported languages. Supported languages include: Arabic, simplified Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish.

How do I send the required information?

So I have a question. I have the LTE home internet which is registered on my business. Can it be send as a internet service or it has to be landline internet?
Also on my bills I don’t have province, while in the TAX info the province was mentioned. Should I worry about that? Same with special letter, it is important?

Thanks for help.


There are more posts about this topic than any other in the forum. There are many theories on why and how to respond. My theory is to keep sending them the information they ask for no matter how many times they ask for it.

There is an information page about account verification that may help, especially the parts about what documents are acceptable and how to format the files you do send. Not everything will apply to you, but it may help:


Looks like I can even send a bill that is registered on my relative. If all of this is valid, maybe there is still a hope.

Not sure if LTE internet counts. I mean, internet is internet so it should be ok. Thanks.


It needs to be a piped utility. Hard wired to a location. Cell phone service or wifi internet does not prove a location.