Negative feedback



My order did not reach the customer due to shipping. so i had to cancel and got a refund. My customer wrote I got a refund by giving 1 star to my store. what can i do to remove it? it was my first feedback.

what should i do for it


You failed to live up to your commitment. The buyer was not satisfied and left you appropriate feedback. There’s nothing you can do to remove it.

If this was the freight carriers fault, that’s bad luck.

You do have the option of leaving a response to the feedback and you can do that but don’t tell a lie.

It’s unfortunate that your first feedback was negative. That’s not going to be good for your account.

Wishing you better luck


Hello, I have conveyed to the customer all the information I received from the cargo about the delay of the product on the same day. so this problem occurred due to shipping.

I wrote a reply to the customer, when there was a typo, I deleted it and I couldn’t find the rewrite button.
Thank you, I hope it removes it.


It won’t get removed. Write a clear concise response to the feedback explaining what happened. That’s all you can do.


yes ı did it. ıpost a public reply but after ı deleted it because of typo. When I looked again, I couldn’t see the comment button.


I’ve been dealing with a similar issue. I was left negative feedback for a product that I didnt even sell to the customer. I deleted a public reply, and without any notification I found there is no way to edit it, resubmit, or even restore the deleted comment.

Not only has seller support refused to delete the negative feedback, they now state that public replies can only be submitted once. But they’ve failed to provide a link that states in their policy or seller agreement. And they refuse to escalate for a fair resolution.

This is a flaw in their user interface that allows you delete the comment without any warning of the consequences when doing so or by stating so in their policy/seller agreement.


you wont be able to reply after its been deleted.


You just started selling during the Christmas Holiday? You are one brave hombre.


you only get one chance to leave a reply, if you remove your reply you cannot leave a new one.


Thank you for the compliment, but first, I’m a woman, not a man. 2nd order was 3 weeks ago.


I’m upset. I guess there is nothing to do


You dont have to wait for getting feedback. You must asked you customer to give you one. Always have a tracking number and communicated it to your customer. Be pro-active.
Best luck.


DO not follow the first part of this. DO NOT request feedback from your customer through a message. This often backfires and you may not always like the feedback you end up with…

FYI apparently Amazon automatically edits some of our posts… This post was edited to remove the quote immediately after I posted it.


this is a common occurrence with drop shippers and why drop shipping is such a poor business model for Amazon. Not to mention the fact that it is very difficult to be compliant with the drop shipping policy


I recommend rereading the Amazon feedback policies and How-To. It is there at the bottom of the page.


One thing I learned pretty quick with amazon is its not worth it to stress or be upset over small things like feedback. Yes it sucks and may be extremely demotivating, especially if it was your first feedback. But just continue selling and providing the best experience possible and the good reviews will start coming in. Just be warned, reviews are very hard to earn and can take a lot of time to find people willing to even leave a review.


That is an annoying feature of this forum (nothing to do with Amazon or moderators)

When you reply to a post immediately preceding your response the quote will be stricken unless you edit the quote. In that instance I quote only the part I am responding to and add ellipses. That seems to work.


That’s weird, I never noticed it happen before. I appreciate you.


why she is brave ?


If you delete feedback replies (or feedback for that matter) you can not repost it.