Needing help creating a multipack listing


Please bare with me as I am new to listing on amazon. I am trying to list a multipack listing. Here are the details.

The listing I am trying to create is for a 6 pack of Spiral Notebooks. I have 6 different colors (none of which will matter as i will not be adding a variation, colors in the pack will vary). I found a listing for the same product but in a color i do not have. Each color has its own UPC code. Ive researched and looked in threads, etc. And if i understand what I’m reagin correctly I’m getting two completely different process’. If anyone can help me with this process… Do i need to purchase new UPC codes? Do i use thethe listing i found on amazon?




You cannot create a multipack for a product. The manufacturer must create the multipack and assign a UPC with his prefix.

A multipack is not a bundle.


“Each color has its own UPC code.”

As long as the manufacturer has assigned a UPC code to a multipack then you are free to list the multipack. If there is no UPC associated with the multipack you are trying to create then you should not list a multipack on amazon. Some sellers acquired their own UPC’s for generic products that did not have UPC’s to begin with. If each different color notebook already has a UPC then your situation is different.


Understood, however like i mentioned everything I’ve been reading has contradicted one another. I see sellers on youtube creating their own multipacks(not bundles) for items amazon sells. Ive also read thread where you can “piggy back” off listings, to create your own multipack with different quantities. Ive also read, the amazon FAQ and if i understood the answers correctly i am allowed to do this…


I think you might be able to help, if you don’t mind. So yes each notebook i have has a different UPC. The listings i have found on amazon, are for a single notebook in a color i do not have.

Am i still able to list them or did i just dig a hole for myself purchasing these notebooks?



You can list each notebook under its assigned UPC code. If there is already a listing for that UPC, then you add your offer to it.

What you cannot do is purchase a UPC and create a multipack out of branded items that have their own UPC code. They own their GS-1 prefix and Amazon has it on file. So if you list them with a different UPC code, it kicks out,

If they were unbranded notebooks, you could bundle all day long as long as you purchased a valid UPC code for your bundle.


So my brain is about to explode. So… Yes , their is a current listing for the same product but as a single, not as a multipack as i want to sell.

Heres the kicker…
Ive been in recent contact with amazon seller support . Per what they told me, I am allowed to purchase my own UPC code, and create my own listing… I even clarified what i saw on amazon and what i wanted to do… Seller support even confirmed with rules and regulations. So should i go ahead and list with anew UPC code, and if something comes up i have a case report of which i was given the okay to list?

Should i contact seller support again and see if i get the same answer?

THANK YOU ALL!! It really means a lot getting this help.


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