Need variable shipping costs by Province in Canada


Some people can’t grasp the fact that the US is not the entire world.


it does not matter if Canada or USA have different shipping markets. This is Amazon and its for the buyers experience.


Well in that case, in Canada there will be no buyers…


What you posted (and which is at the top of every template) says excluding Hawaii, Alaska and protectorates. “Excluding” means they are not included in the requirement. What I said was accurate. The standard shipping charge must be the same for all states in the continental United States. Continental means the Lower 48, those states that are contiguous on the continent. We can charge more for standard shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and territories. And of course any template can designate different shipping times per state or region.

Different rates can be charged to different states, territories and portions of states for expedited shipping, which is a different portion of the template.

None of this helps Canadian sellers, though.


Amazon is a Customer Centric Company… regardless of which country you are in.
They setup the shipping this way so a customer doesn’t need to enter their location or the package destination in order to get a price with shipping. It is part of the reason people feel comfortable shopping here is the price doesn’t change from the detail screen to the checkout screen when they log in…

Don’t expect it to change anytime soon.


I’m surprised at how many sellers don’t ship to AK/HI/PR. There are some items where I wasn’t the lowest price, but still got the sale because I was the only seller that shipped there. I charge a couple extra $$ to ship there for anything that will go 1st class, cubic or flat rate.


@UsedElectronicsSelle We do this as well. It doesn’t cost any more to ship from east to west coast than it does to HI.



Please, No more logic, it’s not right…


if you ship item from BC to NS, YT…, the cost will be triple or more.


We have a Canada Post business account and pay between about 8.50 and 18 CAD for the smallest Expedited package, depending on destination (from Saskatchewan). Therefore, we offer optional tracked shipping for 15.90 CAD, which typically covers even the Amazon fees on shipping and the packaging material. Everything what sells very well goes to FBA warehouse anyways and causes different kinds of headache, but no shipping-fee issues anymore.

For everything smaller than 2cm on the smallest side we are using oversize lettermail, with special box mailers we get from Germany, with exactly 20mm height on the outside. Those ship (depending on weight) for about 1.90 to 4.40 CAD all across the country.

We do about 1500 parcels and 10000+ lettermail items a year.

Sure, Canada Post and USPS could offer equalized rates for everything. But neither one is renowned as progressive and having their “ear on the market”. Big advantage for US sellers to have a lot more options even for small packages (thicker than 20mm but still under a pound). Canada Post still didn’t realize that their very limited options are actually a dangerous interference in our economy by not giving Canadian sellers the necessary tools to compete with Chinese imports. There is no product available between the oversize letter with max. 500g and 20mm thickness for about 4.50 and the smallest package for already about 15 bucks for John Doe.

I am not expecting them to equalize rates very soon, but I still hope they add more products for typical ecommerce businesses, like cheap and trackable shipping of small and low-value items.


If you are a Merchant seller on Amazon (paying the $29.99 monthly fee) you have the ability to create different shipping templates.

If yes, set up a different shipping template for items that exceed the allowable 20mm thickness for standard mail. That way you can increase the shipping rate to better compensate the high shipping cost of a parcel in Canada that averages aprox $16 to $18 (example from Halifax, NS).

However, even then postage rates can vary greatly, especially if shipping items that have a postal code that ends in zero (denotes remote location). Amazon itself, even if ordering above the $35 to receive free shipping, does not offer free shipping to remote locations. These remote locations are mainly the 3 territories but can be found in any province (anywhere that Canada Post has to go out of the way to deliver your parcel).


A lot of information in this. Thanks


I heard, years ago, that Canada Post used to have a book rate but had to give it up for the first NAFTA agreement. Thanks, Mulroney.


The disappearence of Canada Post’s book rate had nothing to do with the first NAFTA agreement. Canada Post did have to change how it dealt with UPS and FedEx under the “new” rules of that first agreement.



Flat rate boxes were rolled out to most post offices and postal outlets a year ago (April/2019). Before that they were in beta test for a couple of years and only available at a few dozen post offices.

Canada Post has just started allowing the online sale of the boxes through their website (minimum quantity of 12, no discount, free shipping). I guess they discovered demand was high enough to make it worthwhile to do.



If you have one near you, Chit Chats now has a great deal with Canada Post. But there are not many branches yet. We now have it in BC, and I think in Ontario. I have to pay to get my packages from Vancouver Island to Richmond, which can add an additional $1-2 per package, but the Canadian rates make it worth doing. In province, Canpar still has a “book rate,” or at least they did a year ago.
I have found the flat rate box to be a savings on cross country heavy books.


chit chat website seems confusing why do they hand off to CP when there is CP everywhere and does it generate a label for CP and does it work standalone? intergrading steals account data


They have some kind of deal with Canada Post, saves me money on cross country shipments. The deal is crazy good for Chit Chats. For example, Canada Post will charge CC $7 for a parcel, CC charges me $13, if I went to Canada Post, cost can be around $18-20, depending on destination. Though I do have to pay Purolator to get them to CC since I am on Vancouver Island. And I still do better than straight Canada Post.

Also great rates with Asendia for international packages, Canada Post can’t even come close for those.

I am usually not good with the computer and need simple to use. But I find the site easy to use now, been using it for about two years (?) Not sure what you mean by working stand alone. CC is considered the actual shipper, you have to use their return addresses. If there is a refund issue, it can be a nuisance, but so far I have only had one.

They also have insurance through UPic available.


thanks but do u have to take to them or can u take to CP the package

upic says 10 days for a claim and they keep stuck on “waiting for documents” lost a 5000 dollar pallet of masks…


To get that low price, you must print the postage via CC and get it to them. They have the pricing deal with Canada Post, and are making money off it as their fee to us, the user. Has their name right on the label, so Canada Post would not process it if dropped off to them.