Need variable shipping costs by Province in Canada


Shipping across the country, to BC from Ontario, is double the cost of shipping from Ontario to Quebec or within province even with commercial rates. Shipping in Canada has a different cost structure than the US and so needs different options.

Please enable variable shipping to be collected for each province.

This would lower the minimum shipping that can be collected to make a sale profitable especially when the sale in on the margin of profitability.

This change would be good for customers and sellers alike, as many sales are lost in Amazon due to the current shipping cost restrictions.

Please like this if you agree and want to raise the profile of this issue.


I assume Canada is like the USA. We must charged the same shipping for all 48 continental states.

This is unlikely to change anytime.


Canada isn’t like the US. We don’t have the same population density or density of cities to enable shipping to be cheap. With a mountain range in the way, shipping is vastly more expensive in this country due to the very high cost of infrastructure. The cost difference is double the in province rate for items going across the country.


I believe the US has more mountain ranges.

Anyway…When we used to ship in Canada we found a middle ground.
We add our shipping price to the price of the item.
In some areas we made Extra $$
In others we broke even and others we lost.
But it all averaged out.



You are still talking about Zone Based shipping rates.

By the way, the USA has mountain ranges.

Shipping a 10 lb box in state might be $12.88. From southern Florida to NW Washington $27.09 Roughly 3,300 miles


Canadians would kill to be able to ship a 10 lb box for $27.09, even if we were talking about USD


Canada is different. Shipping a book in the US $4.00 media mail anywhere. Canada from Ontario a book in a box is about $14.00 in Ontario. Or to BC as the original OP said is about $24. Some places in Alberta are even higher.
Scene of the Crime Books


the biggest problem Canadians face is the lack of a First-Class Mail comparable option… in the US you can mail something up to 16oz for what $3.50? here its going to be about $9-$18 depending on the zone.


$5.70 to the farthest zone.

Either way, your competition has the same issues.


Not sure if sellers from China can send into your country from overseas that you can ship in your own state. Many compete with them.


Canada Post flat rate box: 3 different sizes, small $17.99 to large $29.99 – ships to all of Canada, up to 5kg weight (11 pounds). If it fits it ships. Maximum of $100 insurance. Tracked.



When was a flat rate box introduced?? That’s a new one to me.


This is absolutely an issue. There is no way ever, one shipping rate will do.
One reason why i do not sell in Canada, the other reason the taxes.
And i live in Canada.

Problem is very simple. The cost of shipping simply varies too much from one place to another.


Have you considered going on the Canada Post website?
You’ll be able to get better answers than you can here.


Not sure if sellers from China can send into your country from overseas that you can ship in your own state. Many compete with them.

Thank goodness that ends in July


So, even on, you are not able to set up your shipping templates so your shipping charge is different for the various provinces? Are you using templates? I am a U.S. seller, and on the U.S. site I can set my shipping charges by state, and in some cases portions of states (i.e. Northern California, Eastern Wyoming).
It seems wild to me that you can’t set up your templates on the Canadian site to charge one amount within BC and another for Ontario. Considering how large the provinces are, I would think Amazon would allow you to charge a different amount even for regions of the provinces.
On the U.S. site, you must have a professional account (withe a flat $39.99 monthly fee) to use templates, I’m not sure if that’s the case for the Canadian site.


We have been using shipping templates in Canada, there is limit which provinces go where.

so we have shipping templates set up as follows

Quebec, Ontario

Newfoundland And Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia

Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon

However, the only different shipping rate you can specify is for the last 3 provinces -
Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon

the other ones, even though you can still split for delivery time, as that can be changed to different delivery time, you need to have the same shipping price for all provinces, besides the 3 that are mention.


Wrong place to express your issue…


Yes, thanks for the reminder. Standard shipping for the lower 48 is required to be the exact same price. I failed to remember that. I can set different standard rates for Alaska and Hawaii, or territories such as Puerto Rico. It’s only the expedited shipping that can be different for different states, along with the shipping times.

It sounds like Canada Post is much more expensive for long distances than the USPS. I would suggest building the shipping charge into the price of the item and offering free shipping, but I can see that wouldn’t work either if your postage is so variable.


I do not ship outside USA. I have had a few ask and strongly want item. I tell them to use a freight shipper(in USA) service. they will handle taxes, fees, licenses, and customs(I am not set up to do this). They can find one by doing a search on internet. They pay me to ship to freight shipper. Then the freight shipper handles getting it rest of way to buyer. It can be expensive for them(they pay freight shipper).