Need to issue refund on an account that was deactivated AND locked out


Short version: i need to issue one last refund, but amazon deactivated my account and also locked me out. i can’t unlock the account until it’s re-activated, but i can’t re-activate it because no one is answering my appeals. i am using a regular buyer account to post here, this is NOT a seller account. this is the only way i can ask for help. who do i contact or what am i supposed to do?

long version: amazon suspended/de-activated my account because i issued too many refunds. well, i had to do that because every single thing amazon changes is designed specifically to encourage people to return everything they buy. people have been refusing packages, returning things without even asking for an RMA, or asking me to grant returns via message instead of actually using the request return button. that resulted in A LOT of returns and refunds. amazon accounts for about 5% of my sales and almost 100% of my returns. i sell on 3 other platforms where i haven’t had ANY returns since February,

after my was locked and i decided to quit amazon rather than appeal it, but ANOTHER package was returned to me. the buyer never said anything, never requested an RMA. just returned it to the return address on the package. so now i need to issue one last refund before, and then i never have to come back here again. except i can’t do that. amazon has not answered my e-mails, appeals, etc.

just to be clear, i don’t care about re-activating my account. i don’t ever want to come to this circus, especially after the restocking fee change. i just want to figure out how i can issue this refund. i closed the CC that was used to fund this account because i thought i was done with this place, i don’t think there is any way for this refund to be funded. i don’t want amazon sending me to collections over $150. i just to refund the “buyer”




I’m having the same issue!! where my account was first locked and then deactivated and because of which my other amazon seller account in the different region got suspended too!!
I tried calling support - US / America, tried different social media thingy but no luck. It’s been 4 months now, haven’t heard from Amazon.
Please let me know if you able to resolve the issue.