Need refund for $39.99 for Professional Account


I closed my Amazon Professional account as I never USED it, due to it never been activated by Amazon. MY application was never accepted. I didn’t downgrade.

I have written to and to to get a refund for my $39.99 but haven’t heard back from the first like in 2 weeks and payments… replied with this:

" Hello, You may no longer sell on Amazon. As a result, we are not able to assist with this request at this time. Please review your performance notifications for information on how to resolve your account status. You can view warnings and notifications we previously sent you about your violations via email by viewing the Notifications page in the Performance section of Seller Central: Once you have addressed the issues on the account, you may resubmit your request by emailing To learn more about subscription fees, visit the following page:
Sincerely, Seller Performance Team"

Ok, so this makes no sense. I don’t want to sell on Amazon anymore. I don’t need to address any issues. They should just give me my refund.

What can I do? I want my money back.



Contact your bank. They can do chargeback.


Have you done this?


Many say that in the forum.


If you do a chargeback, you will never be able to sell on Amazon. How many months are you looking to get refunds for?

FYI, Amazon Pay is a separate payment service provided by Amazon and has nothing to do with your issue.


Downgrade your account to an Individual Account to stop the monthly draw.
As far as Amazon is concerned, you account was open an ready for business during this time - whether you used it or not. You signed up for it.

After the downgrade has happened, if you close it - you will not be able to open another account on Amazon. There is no monthly charge to have the Individual Account – you use it when you want to.

Also, after the downgrade has completed, you can Then re-try to send a request for a refund to: — though, like I stated above, may or may not be processed.

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Just one month. I read somewhere else in the forums to write to that email.


I closed my account, I didn’t downgrade. I understood that if you didn’t use your account, you would get a refund. There’s no point on waiting for a downgrade if I already closed my account.

I may do a chargeback if Amazon doesn’t reply. I honestly don’t see myself selling on Amazon again. Anyway, if I closed my account, apparently I may not sell on Amazon again.


I am surprised Amazon didn’t inform you that the $39.99 is nonrefundable. Amazon may not reply to your message because the $39.99 fee is for a nonrefundable monthly subscription you pay in advance for the professional account.

Amazon states, "In the Professional selling plan, you pay a nonrefundable monthly subscription fee regardless of whether you list or sell anything."


I need to check this. A friend told me got a refund after not using the account for some time. Thanks for your feedback.


Here is an image of the info I saw plus a link to the main page. Sorry I was not able to provide assistance in your refund process.



Thanks. I think my only option maight be a chargeback.


Charging back against amazon as a seller is a really bad idea. You can lose even your prime membership account. Keep this in mind. Amazon expects you to work it out with them. A chargeback costs the receiving party a chargeback fee. Depending on the type of credit card you were using. This fee charged to amazon can range from $20 to $100 (amex charges chargeback fee of $100. This would be charged to the merchant). Regardless of outcome. The receiving party of the chargeback would be assessed this fee. Amazon doesn’t play games when you’re a seller. Any costs incurred to amazon would backfire back towards you. They have shut down personal shopping accounts when they shut down seller accounts. I would call and try to work it out with amazon


There’s a problem with this. How can I list or sell anything if Amazon prevents me from doing so. My account was suspended almost immediately after I opened my professional account.

Amazon shouldn’t make liable for something that is not in my control, but there’s. I need a refund, and this people don’t answer emails or anything. Will probably give them a call.


I thought you already closed your account and did not want to sell on Amazon anymore. Just think of the non-refundable fee as an application fee. Just like when people apply to universities. They pay an application fee for someone to spend time reviewing their application.

Your other option was to look at your performance notifications and warnings then fix those issues to sell on Amazon. But earlier you said you didn’t want to fix anything.


If you decide that you would like to sell on Amazon you may want to start a new topic in the “selling on Amazon” category. People usually post their suspension email then any details which may be helpful in helping the person get their suspension removed.


They did me the same way…I can’t call anyone, I keep appealing. At this point I just want my money back and still be able to shop at amazon.




And I still think this post is in the wrong category. Oh well. It doesn’t have anything to do with Amazon Pay.


I am now laughing out loud as the OP did pay Amazon for the … Funny now that I think about it.