Need input on shipping hazardous goods (pumpkin spice extract) to FBA


Hi. Does anyone have experience with shipping food extracts that are classified as dangerous goods (apparently because of alcohol level)? I had no idea the item was hazmat until I approved the shipping plan and now I am stuck. I ordered the exact same ASIN to see how it came packaged to me and it was packaged and delivered just like any other item I would have ordered. No absorbent material, no warnings, stickers and not even in a poly bag. Just in an Amazon shipping box with a couple of air pillows inside. Not sure what to do here. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I am approved to sell hazmat items but try to avoid the items anyway. I would prefer to just not send the item in but since I approved the shipping plan, I don’t think I can do that now.

Also, I asked FedEx agent about it and I was told that the quantity I wanted to ship (a 2 ounce bottle) required nothing from them except packaging properly. No hazmat labels or anything. I don’t know if that is acceptable to Amazon or if there is something I need to do for them that FedEx doesn’t require. The post office and UPS were not helpful whatsoever.

Thank you!! Randy


But are you not going to ship, say a case of 24 two ounce bottles? Many HAZMAT items or fine singly, but in cases or multiple cases shipped together, need declared and labled.


Hi. Thanks for responding to my question!! No, it was just a single bottle but I found someone at the post office to tell me what to do and it worked. The first couple of USPS employees I asked were not helpful at all but finally one of the employees came through.