Need immediate help please from an Amazon MOD


Would an amazon mod please message me privately to help me with a recent false copyright claim by a dirty seller that has made a new website, copied our amazon picture and description, and filed a complaint from multiple emails.

We have contacted but have received no answers. Our ASIN has been down for 10+ hours now. It is our best-selling ASIN and we are losing thousands of dollars a day.

Unbelievable that the team responsible for these complaints would not match the domain to the brand name.


Can a mod please PM me. This is really urgent.


This is normal for that team. They consider gmail accounts to be a legitimate source of complaints.

Google “sellercentral gmail copyright” ( without the quotes ) and you’ll see what other sellers have done.


They were both gmail emails too!

What’s worse is that out of the 4 complaints, all 4 were from the same name but used two different emails. BOTH emails return as errors when you send an email. So they used one fake name, two fake emails, and amazon didn’t question. Now our listing has been off for 19 hours. We have lost $3000 in sales and still no reply.

Not sure what to do… this is ridiculous. The domain they linked to sells one shower faucet, the shopify store contains generic shopify text (they forgot to add text), and our product which is a supplement. Unbelievable. This is like a 2 years old work but amazon fails to see this? Who’s going to compensate us for lost sales?


Any Mods online that can please PM me? I’m going crazy. I’m only receiving generic emails from notice-dispute.

My REAL website is listed on all our product labels!

Please PM me.


This is not a mod’s job to fix this. hence why they aren’t replying to you. @RMS told you how to resolve this quickly.


As @M_L_H said, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get a response here on a normal day, and these are not normal times. They’re also on the west coast so keep that in mind.

I would email with a SHORT description of the problem in bullet form. Just get to the point, no more than 3-4 bullets.


I tried. I’m getting generic emails back from notice-dispute.

The funny thing with my is that it’s a person claiming to own my own brand. They have provided a fake email as it bounces. The website amazon gave us that was used to file the complaint is a random domain website. We looked at their catalog and it’s 21 pages of out of stock AMAZON products from every single brand in Chinese text.

It’s like a holding site. It’s probably used for one of those black hat services to get rid of your competitor listings. They are new ASINs directly from amazon and filing complaints by linking back to their website.

But amazon fails to realize this.

The examples in seller central are from people claiming to be from proctor and gamble, etc. This is not the case. This is literally a person using a scam website attacking us for our own product.


Talking to them on the phone or a Mod can’t change this.

There are paths to follow and once you follow those paths and exhausted them, then contact jeff@.


Sending an email to seller performance now.

Thank you.

EDIT: Just sent seller performance an email.


Just sent them an email.


Now as much as it sucks, you gotta wait. Don’t email them again. You may hear back from the in 1 hour or 48 hours, there’s no rhyme or reason.

I think call-back services are suspended for now, but if you can open a case and request a call back from a member of the Captive Team, it would be a good idea. As a FYI, the support teams don’t care that it’s your best selling product or that you’re losing $20K/day. Your issue is no more important than a seller who does $100/week in revenue.

Keep a cool head, be nice and you’ll have a better chance of a happy outcome. Good luck!


Thank you so much.

My frustration and the reason for my multiple emails is they overlook my email and come back with either two of the following generic emails:

“You have not modified your product detail page” - this is my own brand, my own label, my own formulation, I can’t believe it.


"Thank you for your message. We cannot currently accept your appeal because we could not identify the report or account you are appealing for.

Please ensure that you are using the email ID registered on your seller account to submit this appeal. Provide the following information, in addition to the information provided in your original message, so we can process your appeal:" even though I include the ASIN, complaint IDs in every email right at the top in bold. It’s also from the same email that’s currently registered to my seller account.


We’ve all been there, no way to sugarcoat it… It F’in sucks.

Keep calm and work through the process, as painful as it is, you have no choice.


Man I’m getting so frustrated. I can’t think straight anymore. This is like me going to someones house, taking a picture of their baby, putting it on a random spam website with 100+ other pictures, and claiming this baby is mine.

This is literally what’s happening to us. From all the other threads I read, the emails were masked as being from real companies, etc.

Our case is SO CHILDISH! It’s from the same person, from two different emails, and both emails are fake! You send an email they get returned with an error. Amazon even linked us to the site they used for the complaint. It’s a RANDOM domain name, has nothing to do with our brand name (it’s not apples and oranges), and it’s 21+ pages of RANDOM amazon products MOST out of stock. I honestly believe this is one of those blackhat services holding site where a competitor pays, they add the product, file a claim, ASIN is removed, competitor within the same niche gets sales, until the ASIN is back up.

Our case requires NO investigation. It’s so blatantly obvious. They filed a complaint against OUR brand using a website that doesn’t even mention our brand name besides the straight copy of our amazon listing product. It’s like someone from add’s an iPhone to their site, and files a complaint against Apple on amazon. Wow.

Sorry for the rant guys, but when you’re trying to make an honest living and something like this happens, it really gets to you. I can’t even focus on my business tasks for the day. I haven’t answered business emails since morning. It’s killing me inside and I’m not getting any help. The responses I’m getting are automated and are going around in circles. No one is taking 5 minutes to check out the complainants website for themselves.





We had filed a trademark infringement claim on our product on this complainants website that they used to file the complaint to amazon against us. Shopify’s legal team just got back to me and they removed our listing from their website as they were infringing on our trademark and our brand.

So the website they used to file the complaint no longer has our product to which they were claiming infringement.

What should I do now? This should automatically prove that they made a false claim.


Contact a corporate lawyer


Their website is Chinese… They used a fake name and a fake email. You think a lawyer would be able to do anything? If so, I will get in touch with one. You know how much sales they’ve cost us so far? Over $6000 now.

I replied to the legal team at Shopify and asked if they can provide me with a written statement that I can send to Amazon once they get back to me from

The website they used no longer has our product. Amazon should automatically reinstate our ASIN and actually start an investigation on the complainant and try to find a seller account linked to them.

I just hope someone with some level of education contacts me or reviews my email.


Just sent another email to I cc’ed seller performance and I just stated what the shopify legal team said and the actions they took and that the link amazon referenced to me that we were infringing, no longer works as Shopify has taken the product down as THEY were infringing on OUR brand.

Now I’m waiting again… I have contacted a corporate lawyer as to the suggestion by @CJ_Tomes to see if we have any options after our listing is reinstated as you shouldn’t be able to get away with perjury.

I would still really appreciate a Mod to be able to look over the information and maybe pass it along to someone in the responsible team that they have a direct contact with as this was clearly a false infringement.