Need Help With Account Activation and reinstatement


Hi, my account is deactivated due to the non-fulfillment of some of our orders. it was deactivated a year ago I appealed for that but amazon has not reinstated that I need help with my account activation if anyone can provide assistance in reinstating my account. here is the amazon response to my appeal.

We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your account at this time. To reactivate your account, please send the following:

– Greater detail on the root cause(s) of
– Greater detail on the actions you have taken to resolve
– Greater detail on the steps you have taken to prevent going forward.

– Greater detail on evidence or examples that demonstrate that your account has complied with our policy.

What happens if I do not send the requested information?
If we do not receive the requested information within 14 days of the original notification, your account will remain deactivated.

We’re here to help.
If you have questions about this policy or information requested above, please contact us

You can view your account performance ( or select Account Health on the home screen of the Amazon Seller app on your iOS or Android device. The Account Health page shows how well your account is performing against the performance metrics and policies required to sell on Amazon.

Seller Performance Team


Please post the original email you received from Amazon advising you that your account was being suspended. It will give specifics about your suspension that are not available in the response you posted.

You should also post the POA you sent to Amazon in response to that first notice of suspension. Learning what you told Amazon will help us to give constructive advice about how to improve your appeal.


We are reviewing your account. Funds will not be transferred to you during the review but will stay in your account. Please continue to ship your orders and only list items that you can ship by the expected ship date.

Why did I receive this message?
Your current sales volumes are not supported by buyer feedback or an established sales history. As a result, we are reviewing your seller account.

Amazon’s policy regarding Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct can be found at

How do I expedite the review of my account?
To expedite the review of your selling account, please provide us the following information:

  • How long you have been in business.
  • Anticipated monthly sales on Amazon.
  • The address (URL or store address) of other stores where you sell these products.
  • Tracking information for recently shipped orders.
  • GSTIN, VAT ID, Tax ID, or Dun and Bradstreet (D-U-N-S) number.

How do I send the required information?
Submit this information to

We’re here to help
If you have questions about this action, please contact us at Additionally, please find general guidance for creating a plan of action at

Has your account been reviewed in error?
If you believe there has been an error, please submit an explanation. Your explanation should include the following information:
– Evidence or examples that demonstrate that your account complies with our Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct.
– How your account has not violated our policies.

You can view your account performance at ( or select Account Health on the home screen of the Amazon Seller app on your iOS or Android device. The Account Health dashboard shows how well your account is performing against the performance metrics and policies required to sell on Amazon.
– iOS App (
– Android App (
Sincerely Seller Performance Team



Your Seller account has been deactivated. Your listings have been removed. Please ship any open orders to avoid further impact to your account. 90 days after receiving this notification, you may request a funds disbursement by contacting We will conduct a separate investigation to evaluate your account and if we find that you have engaged in deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity, or have abused our system or repeatedly violated our policies which protect our customers and selling partners, we may withhold some or all of the funds in your account.

Why is this happening?
We were unable to verify information related to your seller account, or did not receive any new information regarding your listings or selling history.

You can view your account performance at ( or select Account Health on the home screen of the Amazon Seller app on your iOS or Android device. The Account Health dashboard shows how well your account is performing against the performance metrics and policies required to sell on Amazon.
– iOS App (
– Android App (

We may not respond to further emails about this issue.
Seller Performance Team


We understand that Amazon takes failures to comply with their requirements very seriously and we would like to share our plan of action in which we explain what we have done to resolve the issue and what will do to prevent similar complaints in the future.

– Greater detail on the root cause(s) of not shipping/fulfilling Orders:

We don’t have enough employees to confirm orders on time.
We do not have a person who has a specific responsibility for confirming the shipment. Usually just our employee on duty who confirms the shipment. So when the people on duty are absent, it will delay updating the shipment status.
All effected customers who let us know that haven’t received their orders have been successfully refunded.
We authorized their return requests; issued full refund with sincerely apologize message to these customers.
We responded to all buyer messages in a timely and professional manner. We also reached out to all customers who approached us to resolve the issue to their full satisfaction.
It is not possible to stock every item in the Spain, therefore some of our orders were dispatched directly by the manufacturer in Pakistan. Although, we agreed on a strict time frame with our manufacturer so that every order will dispatch as early as possible, however sometimes it does not work and we are extremely sorry about it. Previously our shipping setting was set as 7-10 days across Europe as we need 2 days to process an order and further five days to deliver it.

– Greater detail on the actions you have taken to resolve the concerning issue:

The current action, we have taken to solve this issue is to keep extra inventory of the material which we use, we also plan to develop more professional human resource to handle such situations in the timely manner, so that we don’t face any delays in the future .
Since this issue was recognized we have acted immediately to prevent the root cause issue happening again. We have re-structured our Standard Operating Procedures to incorporate the tracking information required. Our Dispatch Team now has a process in place to record and attach each individual consignment reference for our Amazon deliveries.
Our courier for these deliveries is DHL and Sky net, who provide an accessible reference for each consignment. The Dispatch Team then attaches this reference at the point of us booking the delivery on to our CRM system. Once these details are on the system, our order processing teams have access to these details, which will be used as the tracking information when they come to mark the items as dispatched on the Amazon Seller Central Portal. This then means that the customer has the correct tracking information provided by the correct courier.
The Steps we plan to take to avoid such scenario again,

  1. We will try to make our delivery time from 10 to 15 days
  2. Have signed our contract with DHL for fastest deliveries in future
  3. Have hired some professional staff to work on our dispatch.
  4. We will provide additional training and resources to our staffs in order to inspect customer orders, item working condition, double check packaging procedure to make sure all item will be safe in transit.
  5. We are also using smart phones with Amazon Central App installed to answer all customers’ questions at once
  6. Finally, we commit to comply to all of the Amazon policies in order to keep our business stay strong and positive.
  7. We designated a new Manager to monitor, each day, if all orders were shipped and correctly marked as dispatched in our seller account before the end of the day.
  8. We make daily work checklists with deadlines according to the last confirmed delivery time for each employee, and our Manager is in charge of overseeing any tasks that must be completed on the same day.
  9. We have trained all employees in the importance of working in compliance with every procedure and policy established by Amazon, especially regarding confirm and ship orders on time.
  10. We have trained all employees in the importance of working in compliance with every procedure and policy established by Amazon, especially regarding confirmation and ship orders on time, as well as professional customer service.
  11. All remaining orders, which were received prior to the suspension were shipped (and confirmed as shipped) on time. Also, customer messages regarding the delay of order confirmation were answered in a timely and professional manner and we apologized for the inconvenience.
  12. We conducted a full inventory review of all our products to ensure that we have no inventory discrepancies that could lead to an inability or take longer time to fulfill an order.
  13. We have carefully reviewed all Amazon policies and guidelines, especially the ones regarding the minimum performance targets and requirements to ensure that we exactly know what Amazon expects from us. This will help us maintain our account in a good status.
  • Greater detail on the steps you have taken to prevent the reoccurrence of this violation:

As mentioned, we have immediately taken action to restructure our Standard Operating Procedure.
We have now implemented a daily sanity check across all orders leaving our warehouse on that day.
Our Warehouse Manager will run a dispatch report at 3PM every day (this allows time for the goods to be picked as well as time for any amends to be made after the review.) This report details all the information that has been entered on to our CRM system and will allow the Manager to see if any information has either not been entered or has been entered mistakenly. As a result of this daily check we can ensure that all the tracking information required on each order is entered every time.

I believe that I have fixed the root cause of the order defect rate, and that I have put in place standards of best practice to prevent any issues in the future.

  1. We will continue to monitor the performance of our employees, if in the future our sales continue to increase, we will also improve our performance by adding new employees and continuing to train our employees on how Amazon works to ensure every task is completed correctly and on time.
  2. Staffs have been re-trained in a new order management policy whereby orders will be handled as the first task of the day and checked hourly throughout the day.
  3. We will upload tracking in a timely fashion after the item has shipped out and manually check one by one to ensure every order was properly confirmed on Amazon.
  4. If there are any instances where staff members do not feel they can ship orders on time, our account will be set to vacation mode. This will be in instances such as staff absence.
  5. We will be actively checking our account health each day to ensure we do not fall below Amazons metrics in future.
  6. We are now having weekend and holiday monitoring of all orders to reduce the accumulation of orders and maintain all orders ship on time.

– Greater detail on evidence or examples that demonstrate that your account has complied with our policy:

  1. We’ve learned and will continue to monitor (If there are updates) Amazon’s policy regarding Seller-Fulfilled shipping, which consists of Managing Orders, How to Set Accurate Delivery Times for Non-Prime orders, Per Item / Weight Based Shipping Method, Scheduled Delivery for Large Items, and How to upload Tracking Number in Amazon).
  2. We make monthly training schedule for all employees on Amazon policy, and make sure all employees understand and comply with all shipping rules and policies Amazon.

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he root cause of the issue
The reason, the mistakes I made: Analysis of Higher Late Shipment Rate

  1. We take complete responsibility for the complaints received related to Late Shipment. Management did not take urgent action to establish a theory of the probable cause of the technical
    error and implement preventative measures. 2. The root cause of Higher Late shipment rate: There was an oversight of the requirement to
    confirm open orders as shipped within Seller Central Manually. We allocated TWO new team
    members for order management. On further investigations, it has come to our attention that the
    team members were not fully trained on the bespoke order management software. They assumed
    that the process is automated and the “orders are marked as shipped” automatically once they are
    processed by the warehouse. So, some of the orders were processed & shipped but not “marked as
    shipped”. 3. Late shipment issues also occurred due to product OVERSOLD: Automated stock update
    process failed on one occasion where our warehouse stock did not update correctly to match our
    Amazon Stock Levels which has led to Items being oversold, and it took time to restock and fulfil the
    order. Small batch orders were delayed leading to late deliveries. 4. Additional issue reported: We had an incident reported where some of the Amazon orders
    were NOT imported to our Order Management Software from due to technical issues. Once this issue
    was detected, we checked & shipped the orders that were not processed. As a result, the orders were
    shipped late and marked late as shipped. 5. Management did not take urgent action to establish a theory of the probable cause of the
    technical error and implement preventative measures. The administration also failed to develop
    contingency plans to ensure continuity of shipments during software failures. The actions you have taken to resolve the issue
    Steps were taken to resolve existing issues:
  2. We have a new policy in place with immediate effect. If an order is reported missing or
    delayed, the customer is refunded in full without delays. Orders are shipped again to the customer if
    they choose to have a replacement instead. 7. All the automated order management process are checked manually to avoid any further
    late shipments. On the 20th of August, we have enrolled additional TWO more staffs for the order
    management process who manually check the Seller Central to ensure “Orders are marked as shipped
    once processed and sent.” New Process Implemented
    -confirm and ship orders promptly on same day
    -Make sure orders are marked as shipped correctly on time and tracking number uploaded on the
    same day. 8. All the orders will be manually checked on Amazon Order Management page along with our
    order management software to increase accuracy and ensure the order as marked as “shipped”. 9. A Dedicated Management staff has been hired immediately to monitor the order
    management process, and we have made every effort to resolve it by taking all the necessary steps
    and procedures in place. 10. Once our account is active, we have planned out our inventory to send it for FBA so that 50%
    of our stock is handled through FBA. We will be sending most of the inventory in FBA to make sure
    the orders are despatched on time, tracking details are provided to customers immediately, and
    orders are delivered without any delays.
  3. We have updated and revised our Stock Management Software, and we have enrolled two
    more staff members to be dedicated to the management of Amazon stock to avoid items being
    oversold. We have rectified the inventory management error, which will not allow us to keep an audit
    of complete stock and overselling issue will be eradicated completely. 12. All Shipments that are seller-fulfilled orders will be sent by tracked and signed service only. All new orders received on Amazon will be attended immediately and processed same day will be
    shipped with DHL Tracked Service Only. 13. Tracking numbers will be provided to all the customers through order detail pages. Also, the
    customer will be notified for any failed delivery attempts, and new shipment or delivery made
    immediately free of charge. 14. Estimated Shipping and Handling time has been configured correctly: Shipping Page
    Ambiguity has been corrected, and our product pages are correctly matched with our Postal service
    lead times to ensure orders are delivered before the estimated delivery dates. 15. Management has put in contingency plans to ensure continuity of shipments during any
    emergency or technical failure, which will not lead our shipment rate to go above target. We use the
    Amazon Order Management system and alternative printing options if there are failure or errors on
    our integrated software. Orders will be processed manually if there are any technical issues. 16. We monitor our Account Health Daily (Monitor feedback and performance) and ensure to
    provide excellent customer experience, and our account complies with Amazon policies. We have
    acquainted ourselves with Amazon Policies.
  4. A customer care team has been implemented to attend to customer queries regarding
    delivery and returns immediately, thus avoiding A-to-Z claims, and All A-to-Z claims will be
    accompanied promptly. The steps you have taken to prevent the issue going forward
    Action plan for future Specific Steps:
  5. In Future, all metrics related to product delivery on the product page for each product will be
    revised weekly in the catalogue. Additional personnel have been hired in the managerial to overlook
    the order management process; henceforth does not further hamper our Amazon performance. 19. We have come to realize that the long-term success of our business lies with the ability to
    sell on Amazon. We will start to register more products to FBA so that 100% of our product catalogue
    is handled through FBA very soon. Through this measure, we will be able to eradicate all dispatch, defect, and shipping and cancellation issues. 20. Courier services have been integrated, and the tracking number will; henceforth to
    customers and order will be delivered before the estimated delivery date. Courier services will be
    regularly contacted to confirm their delivery lead times, and any changes needed will be immediately
    reflected on the product pages. 21. In addition to the above, and to avoid general customer complaints, we will ensure any
    queries are dealt with efficiently, and all messages are responded to within 12 hours during working
    hours. We will also carry out daily performance audits to monitor and review our performance
    metrics to ensure we are performing to and maintaining Amazon’s targets.
    We can assure Amazon that We have taken note of, and will make sure we work to the following
    policies and guidelines: - Prohibited Seller Activities and Action
  • Product Detail Page Rules
  • Condition Guidelines
  1. Conclusion and Action plan: Once our account is reinstated, we will register more products
    for FBA so that our product catalogue is handled through FBA. Through this measure, we will be able
    to eradicate all dispatch, defect, shipping, and cancellation issues


It would be a lot easier just to move to eBay. :train2:


These poa’s are way too long


You told amazon you understood all of the policies when you signed the TOA before your account was granted. After being deactivated, now you are telling amazon you just now are getting acquainted with the policies. Also, you admitted to drop shipping by stating that you could not have all the items in stock in Spain, so you drop ship from the manufacturer in Pakistan. I am sure someone on the forum will tell you a sunshine story as to how to get your account reactivated, but it will probably not be true. Move on to some other selling platform.


Those stories tend to come with bills $$$$


Hello @amazonics73

Atlas from Amazon here! I understand you are having issues with your account being deactivated.

So, it would appear from the information provided that your account was deactivated due to your sales history not being verifiable. Thank you for providing your plan of action.

This section seems to be a little disorganized with the information. Your root cause should be clear in what the cause of the issues you are experiencing. In this situation, for unverifiable sales, why are you not able to provide the required information? If you weren’t able to have the correct amount of stock on hand, why is that? Where was the breakdown in your supply chain that led to all of these issues occurring?

This entire section is filled with things you are planning to do. You would want to include any future plans in the preventative measures and not the corrective steps. Anything that has already been done should be laid out for our team to understand.

This section is where you will want to put all your future plans. If you are planning to put in any processes, then be sure to provide clarity on what exactly that process is going to look like. How are you going to ensure that all of your information is going to be verifiable moving forward?

Make sure when putting together all of this information it is clear and concise. Avoid being repetitive and if you can lay out a timeline of how each event occurred then that could help our team understand your situation a lot better.

If you have any additional questions or updates, then reach back out here so that we may continue to assist!

Your friend,



Hi, Atlas thanks for providing the suggestion.well I want to know that where I am lacking in my plan of action I have submitted two plan of action but not accepted I have also attached that above so want to know that what changes you suggest for improvement