Need help in creating multiple variation listings including style Name


Hello ,

If anybody could help me in creating a listing like
Here the seller has created a variation listing for size and color and plus the other variation “Style Name”.
Here the seller has updated with the categories of the item in style name.

Can anyone please guide me in creating so.

Need help creating a variation with 3 options

Variation Relationships

There are really 2 methods for creating Variation Relationships …

  1. Template - Using “PartialUpdate” and creating a Parent you can create a relationship. Did you watch the Seller University video on this ?

  2. Use the Variation Wizard

Basic things to know about Relationships/Variations …

  1. Some categories do not support variations

  2. Not all categories support variations through the Add a Product. If the Variations tab does not appear when using the Add A Product tool, this means the category does not support variations through Add a Product at this time. However some categories still support it through Templates.
    Professional sellers can check the inventory file template for your category to determine if it supports variations.

  3. The Relationship/Variation Themes available (such as Color, Size, SizeColor, Style, etc.) differ from category to category

If the category supports Relationships/Variations …

You can create Parent-Child Relationships (also known as variations) by using basically 3 methods … (1)The Variation Wizard Button …(2) Add a Product under Inventory in Seller Central … and (3)Inventory File Templates(if you are registered as a Professional Seller).

Amazon has a video you can watch explaining Variation relationships and the template method …
Seller University Video on How to Create Product Variations … (credits to Funky for pointing this out)

  1. Manage Inventory and Variation Wizard ButtonLearn more

  2. Add A Product … following these instructions in the Seller Help Files

    When you are using Add a Product you create variations from the Variations tab (If none exists then variations aren't accessible through Add a Product) :
    • After clicking ‘Create a new product’ find the - ‘Variation Theme’ on the ‘Vital Info’ tab and choose a theme from the drop-down list (If you don’t see it then you can’t use Add a Product).
    • Next fill in generic ‘Parent’ data per the Help Files page about Parent/Child Relationships with a video tutorialor also here
    • On the Offer tab, you can add offer-specific information, such as price and condition, for your variations. All of the offer information that you enter will be copied automatically to each child SKU that you create on the Variations tab.
  1. Using uploaded files …

XML is typically uploaded through 3 ^rd^ Party Software … but if written can be [uploaded using the MWS Scratchpad|] using your MWS Credentials which are returned after clicking the Signup for MWS button and completing the steps


Adding a color variation
How to create different color variation for new product
Amazon Brand Registry How to update existing products from old brand to new brand
Adding Flavors to My Lisiting

did anyone figure this out yet? I would also like to create a variation with 3 options (color, size and style) and couldn’t figure it out… my category does supposed variations.


Each variation is a different Sku. The above is a pretty good description on how to do it. You need to create a Blank Parent sku for all the variations to be children under and Link them using the Inventory File template. It’s defiantly a process of submitting the file over and over to be checked, but the system is really good at pointing out where you went wrong with the file. After the file is accepted it takes about 15-30 mins for all the listings to be created and linked under the Parent listing.


Thanks for your response! I have already created variations in the past but only with maximum 2 options (such as color and size). What I’m trying to figure out is how to create a variation theme with 3 options such as color size and style as in the example listing below (see screenshot below):

Also, when checking the actual variation theme for the ASIN above (see screenshot below), it shows the variation theme as being "colorsize" so how did they get style to also be a differentiating option?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Did anyone answer the question about how to create 3 different variation themes? I’m curious as well. When I add a new product that supports variations, I can only choose 2 variation themes, such as “coloursize” but I need to add a 3rd variation to the mix. Thanks in advance for any help.


Does anyone know how to create a 3 option variation? E.g. Size-name + style-name + color-name. Like this ->


I do!! I have tried creating multiple variation and it worked out!


Sundance, do you fancy sharing with the class?


Did anyone find how to make that variation? I also want to make the same variation. Please guide me.


Sellers are not able to create listings with 3 variation theme types.

The listing shown would have been created via Vendor Central or when Amazon was more like the Wild West. :slight_smile:


That’s not accurate.


That’s not accurate information.


So what is the accurate information?


j_supply thanks for the helpful input :slight_smile:

Variation themes are limited to 1-2 variation options with the most common being Color and Size.

There is no way you can have 3 variation options on Seller Central (currently).


Not allowed. If it is a different style, then it should be a different “Parent”.

Examples: You cannot have a ‘sneaker’ and a ‘sandal’ in the same listing; yes, they are both footwear, but different styles. You will have to have 2 different listings.


There’s a somewhat recent listing that has been created with 3 variations: Style, Size, and Color. If this is true, then I’m wondering how was this accomplished? I did check the variation theme fields for the category, and style-size-color is not listed as one of the available options.

The only thing I can figure is that since Amazon is the seller of this specific product (as well as the sheet example above), maybe they can make it happen with tools we don’t have access to.


@SaverSystems great find and perfect example.

This listing was absolutely not created in Seller Central.

This ASIN is sold and shipped directly from Amazon which means the product page has access to additional listing features not available to 3rd party sellers.

Amazon Retail (Vendor Central) can create variation listings with 3 styles.
3rd Party Sellers (Seller Central) can not create variation listings with 3 styles.


This is actually a variation against Amazon tos, sheets, duvets and pillow cases are all unique. You can get it taken apart simply by talking to catalog team. I do this to Amazon in my category, they are not immune to variation police


Just to clarify, I contacted Amazon support and below is the answer I got. Looks like this feature could be available in the future.

I understand from your e-mail that you would like to have the following variation values for your listings: Style, Size, and Color like ASIN: B07BKGJ786.

Please note that only Amazon retail and Vendors has the ability to create variations with three Variation dimension theme currently. If you see any of such variation on our catalog, it is because Amazon retail / vendor has created the variations for it. I can see that the ASIN: B07BKGJ786 was created by our retail team because which it has three variation values.

I would like to inform you that having a variation theme with three variation values is not possible for your listing.

I sincerely appreciate your efforts in trying to add this variation theme to enhance the customer experience by providing them more options while selecting your product. However, I regret to inform you that this option is not available at this time to ASINs that are not created by the retail team or vendors.

However, this does not mean that this option will not be available in the future. I have considered exception like in this scenario as the feedback and have already forwarded your interest to our dedicated specialists’ team and our team is already working on this so that they can avail this option to our sellers in the future. We don’t have a specific time frame as to when this option will be available but when this feature is launched, you will be notified through your seller central account.

Product Attributes - I have 3 products, 2 sizes, 2 colors