Need help: Deactivated ASIN - High Price Alert?


I have three ASINS that are deactivated because of high price alerts. Two of which turned inactive due to high price alert as soon as they became available in stock. The other, my top seller, sold over 250 units in three week then became in active a couple days ago. Seller Central recommended that I adjust my minimum and maximum price point and put the selling price in between those. I understand that because my Min and Max were incorrect which is why I got the error in the first place. Weird thing is I have never set a min or max on my prices so how it got added, incorrectly at that, I don’t know. But now after fixing the issue to the proper format range, my ASINS are still deactivated. I have tried many time (14+ … I quit counting after 14) to try and re-enter the information. Contacted seller support a few times and now they forwarding me to special support team that I am assuming specializes in price errors or something. I have read the Seller Central how to fix price alerts page and did everything it said to do. Every time I try fixing it I try it a slightly different way and order and still get the same results. Anyone else had this same issue or even better a solution? Thanks