Need help activating a friend's new Amazon Account


Have a Venezuelan friend, Panama resident trying to open his Amazon USA account. He is being rejected because he does not have a gas, water, electricity bill on his name because rental properties in Panama do not put bills in the name of the tenants. Any amazon mod that could suggest us a way to help him get his account open?


If Amazon does not give “your friend” other options. Then if they want an Amazon account, they need to get a piped utility in their name. They do not want to?? Then they do not get an Amazon account.


Problem is that in South American countries not all tentants are required to put utility bills on their name. In his case, he is not able to. I was hoping maybe someone knows a way around this.


You can use a land-line phone as a utility.


You don’t seem to understand. When you apply for an Amazon account in the USA, you have to apply using the documentation that everyone has in the USA. Your friend can easily avoid all of this simply by opening a registered business in the USA. :train2:


Thanks this may work. I’ll tell him and keep you posted. I believe landline as well, maybe Internet or cell phone could be possible since sometime landline and iternet companies are the same in south america


He does have an LLC in the US, but no bills in his name from the address he is registered his LLC only his aunt’s. but I’ll keep you posted if phone bill works


If all the names and addresses do not match, the account will be rejected. :train2:


Utilities can also mean phone service.

Do not sign up in place of your friend. That is fraud and can get you in serious trouble.


Stop right there. If you and your friend want to have any success as sellers on Amazon, you must completely eliminate any thoughts of find ways around Amazon’s rules and regulations. Just don’t ever go down that thought path. No end-runs. Not ever.

RE: Phone bill to meet Amazon’s requirement. Landline or Internet service usually work. Bills for cell phone service usually do not work.


Thanks. But I would not do this at all. Would not risk my account :slight_smile: