Need Approval but no invoice


I’ve reached out to the brand and am waiting on a response. I read that was required to sell any grocery item anyway. Thanks for confirming!


Let me add they do ask you for your business name as well as business type, of which reseller is an option. I would think this means that they are authorizing you as a reseller once they sell something to you, but I’ll contact them tomorrow to see if I can get documentation.

I think all of the input provided here has been valuable, but I am going to say that it’s okay to veer off the path as long as you get all of your paperwork in order, and this is something we all seem to agree on. Ultimately, if it doesn’t work out, it’s a lesson learned and I’ll report back with my experience here.


We truly admire your enthusiasm and positive attitude and wish you all the best.
Chances are very good that you have a very bright future.


I would think this means that they are authorizing you as a reseller once they sell something to you

Nope. You’re wading into shark infested waters, so it’s in your best interest to look up some of the forum posts about people losing their accounts, and sometimes their money, because they made the same sort of (wrong) assumptions that you are.

I know what you’re saying seems obvious to you, but some of the people you’re talking to on these forums have a decade or more of experience, and have helped tens, if not hundreds, of sellers who got their accounts suspended because they had the same beliefs as you.

I am by no means discouraging you from thinking for yourself and reaching your own conclusions, because too few people seem to do that anymore. I’m just suggesting… strongly that you don’t be so quick to discount what people are telling you here.

I took a look at that site. It’s just a retail site. One that doesn’t even own any inventory apparently, or at least, not much of it. They also don’t guarantee that what you see is what you’ll get. And there’s a whole bunch more red flags. It’s just a shopping site, masquerading as “wholesale”.

From the big green box at the bottom of the page -

WebstaurantStore is the largest online restaurant supply store service professionals and individual customers worldwide.

Shouldn’t that say …supply store SERVING professionals or
…supply store FOR service professionals?

They can’t even proofread their advertising BS? No professional business would have mistakes like that.

The site is seriously NOT a legit restaurant supply company. They’re just pretending to be one, to suck in the gullible.

As I mentioned above, if someone is trying to recruit YOU as a customer… they’re just a retailer. Look at all the nonsense on that page that wouldn’t be on any legit site. It just screams Sales pitch! Sales pitch!

Free shipping! Free Net 30! Give us some feedback! What do you think of this page? How can we improve it? PRICES splashed all over the page.

NONE of these things would be seen on a REAL wholesaler/distributor’s site. :roll_eyes:


Desperado_Distributi thank you.


I’ll add to @racingroxstore, Sysco is by far the largest wholesaler in North America and the world to food service. Any website that isn’t publicly traded shouldn’t make such claims, they are probably illegal under the FTC definition of false and misleading statements.

But moving on, wholesalers will not publish their prices online for several reasons. The first and foremost, is that prices fluctuate by region and are adjusted for volume. Obviously, it costs a wholesale distributor far less to deliver an entire truckload of supplies every day to a large restaurant or grocer five miles away. What does it cost to deliver one pallet bi-weekly to a small restaurant or bar 350 miles away? Obviously, it costs significantly more to deliver that single pallet. In addition is order volume, these are generally by total monthly or yearly dollar amount in total and also by category. For example a steakhouse chain buys $2M dollars of steaks from their wholesaler per year and so gets a total volume price plus the category price accordingly. But they only buy their steaks from that wholesaler and will use a different wholesaler or go straight to the manufacturer for soap, vegetables and appliances. A small bar or cafe buys everything from a single wholesaler, meat vegetables, table cloths, appliances, soap, even the uniforms and shoes for employees, they might not hit category discounts but they might hit a higher total volume level of discount and so they can buy their steaks for the same price as the large chain and be competitive on price.


Not forcing anyone to use Webstaurant, but it’s not right that conclusions are being drawn without anyone having actually worked with them. I respect your opinions, but I’ll also just leave this here…

Also, if you really cared to look at their page, they offer shipping for $99/month with your first month free. I live in California and they are based out of Lancaster, PA. They are shipping my orders to me for ZERO dollars.


You have already received the forums opinion on this thread.

The consensus has been less than positive. The brief screenshot you have provided doesn’t change that. What wholesaler or manufacturer wouldn’t let you use their copy and images. That screenshot of a customer service chat does not constitute express written consent, and there is no mention of selling on Amazon. Since you can’t let it go, I suggest that you read the Warranty terms of their policies, and consider if that is compatible with Amazon’s or the laws of California. Also, the brands they offer are fairly standard, if you where to for example visit Continental Refrigerators website you would find that not only is this seller NOT listed as an authorized distributor, there are two authorized distributors in your state. If you visited the website of their distributor Foodservice Equipment Agents of Anaheim you would see the type of website and information you would expect from a distributor.

It’s your business and your money so you should do what you think is best. I do caution you to seek and get authorization to resell online and Amazon directly from the manufacturers as most if not all of them will not give it to you because they have already granted geographical distribution rights to other companies.


I’m not trying to be right or prove anyone wrong – I was reporting on my experience thus far since I haven’t seen anyone else mention them as a sourcing option yet. In the amount of time that I’ve worked with them, they have been honest in answering all my questions. Regarding the chat, there is a built-in option to request a transcript of the conversation. I think that’s pretty transparent of them.

Fast forward to the present. The parent company got back to me and confirmed that they work directly with Amazon even if they do not sell the child company product. They provided me with a phone number to contact them, which I’ll do next week. End of the day, my product is received, that can’t be changed. If this is a noob lesson learned, so be it. I’ll add that I did purchase another product from WebstaurantStore that is confirmed branded by the site and at least will not have issue with resale there.

My takeaway from this is that due diligence is always best. Again, thanks for all the insight provided here. Updates to come.


You can resell, but the manufacturers have not authorized you to sell on Amazon, so you will be banned for life.

You can sell their stuff on your own site, but not here.


Right, I gathered as much, but still want to talk to them about the specific child company product. Not very hopeful, but it’s worth a shot. Thanks for driving home the point of how important manufacturer approval is! NOT getting banned is the goal.


I just looked at their company site… the product that I want to sell/received is listed as discontinued. Hopefully, this works to my favor? We’ll see.

Due diligence, due diligence, due diligence. I’m learning.


Actually, this puts you in an even worse position.

Maybe their prices are low, because they offer only old discontinued items that didn’t sell.

The brand is still going to want to protect their reputation and you won’t have commercial invoices, just receipts. You won’t even be able to prove they are new.


You might be right about the brand wanting to protect their reputation. I won’t know until I speak to them.

Also, I believe I have an invoice, not a receipt. It contains my name, address, and order number. Is that sufficient?


A nonnegotiable commercial instrument issued by a seller to a buyer. It identifies both the trading parties and lists, describes, and quantifies the items sold, shows the date of shipment and mode of transport, prices and discounts (if any), and delivery and payment terms.

Payment terms… Net 7, 10, 30, 60, 90. 2/10 Net 30


Ah. They offer Net 30, but I didn’t sign up. Giant sigh. I wonder if this can be re-billed?

Never a dull moment :slight_smile:


But if you have not dealt with a true wholesale distributor you do not know whether you are getting actual wholesale pricing, qand whether this site has marked up the product costs.


Btw, let me apologize for the tone of screenshot message. It wasn’t intended although I see see in hindsight it was rough around the edges.


The two items I ordered have very specific circumstances and I will only speak to my own experience. One item is discontinued by the manufacturer and the other is manufactured by the website. If I continue to work with the website, I’m happy to update the forum further.

You might be right, I might not be getting the greatest price, but the specific deals I found are enough to turn me a profit so long as I’m not breaking any rules. I’m working to confirm that I’m not breaking any rules.


No offense taken. Not trying to offend with reply either. Just pointing out that the supplier in question didn’t pass my smell test (and others were skeptical as well).

Would hate to see someone with ambition and drive not succeed because they selected a sketchy supplier.

Best of luck.