My Seller Account Is Suspended. Please Help!



Our selling privileges has been removed. We attempted once sending an appeal to Seller Performance Team, but the below letter came back…


We received your information, but your plan is not complete. Our review of your account found the following problems.
Some of your buyers have not received their orders on time. Explain how you will prevent non-receipt and late-receipt complaints in the future.

To sell on, please reply to this message with your plan to address these issues. Once we receive your plan, we will review it and decide whether you may sell on again.

For help creating your plan, search for “Appeal the Removal of Selling Privileges” in Seller Central Help.

Have questions? We can help right away. Contact us (

We look forward to hearing from you.


Seller Performance Team

We are a new seller on Amazon and I recently got 2 A-to-Z claims:

  1. Buyer provided an incorrectly shipping information and never replied to us directly. Instead, he told Amazon a shipping address long time after he ordered. We shipped next day after he confirmed with Amazon. However, he filed an A to Z claim 2 days after we shipped and Amazon refunded to him a couple hours later during non business hours. We did not catch this case soon enough as it was barely couple hours from case opened to closed.

  2. Buyer replied a wrong age of the user and we recommended he cancelled the order since it is highly dangerous for a young aged user. He did not replied and couple days later he opened an A to Z claim for a late shipment.

Now we need to submit another plan of action, but we have no idea how to write the plan of action. Can anyone please advise what should we put on the plan of action?

Thank you very much!


A few things

  1. Work on your grammar
  2. Search the forum for a thread by bunga bunga about appeals, this will help you
  3. Explain the situation clearly but promptly, no long stories

Best of luck


Below is a collection of forum resources and comments put together by Oneida Books that may prove useful.

I sincerely recommend reading over these threads/posts first :

• Bunga’s “How to Write a Plan of Action When You’ve Been Suspended”

• Style’s “Why most appeals fail on the first try - supplement to Bunga’s Thread” :

• And in Style’s thread are Lakes comments on why appeals fail :

• Read over Feedback … checking closely the “Item as Described” column

• Read over buyer messages … Amazon does

Then when done reading :
• Post the suspension Notice/s and any previous responses
• Post your appeal for opinions.

There’s no magic formula for an appeal but here’s basically what it takes …
• A good understanding of the rules
• A good understanding of where you failed
• The ability to communicate to Amazon your understanding of the failures
• The ability to convince them that you will prevent future ones (part of which is to use ‘have done’ instead of ‘will do’)

  1. Is this all the orders you have that have this problem.

  2. There is a lot more to the story under #1. Either you are missing something or you did not handle it correctly.

  3. What is the item in dispute in #2.

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