My listing is labeled with someone else's brand name


I just found out that one of my listings has someone else’s brand name on it. I have no idea how this happened. My brand is “Merrilulu” and we only sell our own private branded items. No one else sells them. In the attached image you can see that it is labeled with the name ‘YZJSM’. Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


Happens all the time you have to open an infringement case on them and Amazon will remove them.


Are you Merrilulu LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY NEW YORK 2005 Palmer Ave 1009 Larchmont NEW YORK 10538? If so then you have a registered trademark “Merrilulu”. However, you don’t have a patent or trademark on the actual product design. “YZJSM” is the name of the seller selling the product.

It does not appear that this is branded based on the information you have provided. While I can understand that you don’t want competition, you have no recourse against this seller. And don’t have any standing to prevent him from selling product. He is not infringing on your Intellectual Property.


I never sold my products to that seller. How is he not infringing…?


Did you manufacture these products yourself?


I don’t see another seller on your listing. I only see you selling them.


You will need to prove that he purchased them from you and that they aren’t knock-offs. And since you haven’t sought a patent or other protection for that design/product you have no recourse. I know you don’t like the answer, but it is what it is. You have protected through trademark, Merrilulu but you haven’t protected your design/product adequately. Unless I missed something in my searches to try and offer better news.


It still says it’s sold by


Did you create this ASIN yourself? I don’t see any other sellers on it. If you created it, you should be able to change the brand.


“YSJSM” is the brand shown on the listing.


The first thing to do is open a case with seller support to change the information back to what it was.


Where? “by XYJSM” under the title indicates the seller. OP hasn’t provided an ASIN.


Nope, that is the brand - not the seller. The OP is actually the only seller currently on the listing.


It looks like you got hijacked by a… maybe chinese seller using blackhat tactics? Prepare for an incoming IP violation, they will probably use this method to kick people off the listing and take control of your listing once you are off.


Alot of our popular items got copied by Chinese sellers and it really hurt our sales. We are in the process of getting a trademark on some of the designs. Ugh. This ongoing issue is so annoying to deal with.
But this issue is new to us. Seeing another brand under our products…


I are right. We don’t have any protection with patents and trademarks.


I think I would look into copyrighting the design. But I’m not a copyright/trademark/patent attorney. You have the best lawyers in the world for these issues in your city, I think it might be time to seek their advice.


@The_Sawle_Mill I think what the OP is saying is that… This listing used to be under their brand " Merrilulu" Someone came in and changed it to “XYJSM”

@Merrilulu you will need to contact seller support to get the listing back to the original.


I am going to do that, Thanks!

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