My FNSKU code has changed


I’ve just download the item label and saw the FNSKU code has changed, it now starts with “X0”, but I remember the FNSKU should always be the ASIN code , does it matter?


It was never just the ASIN. Part of the FNSKU identifies you as the owner.


Sounds like it is no longer Commingled …


so it is OK to use the new one? because the FNSKU of last shipment was ASIN(I also used the “print item label” to generate barcode), I think both of the old and new code will be mixed, is that OK?


?? I never did but weren’t commingled stickers, if you printed them, ASINs ?

Edit to add : I know you don’t “normally” sticker commingled (and why it’s called Stickerless/Commingled) but it just seems like I recall the ASINs on FBA Item Labels.


I never commingled, but my assumption was commingled had the UPC

This is what my FNSKUs looked like X000XM6M0X Just like what the OP has.


If you don’t sticker it uses the UPC.

If you sticker and don’t commingle it uses the FNSKU

I’m believe if you sticker but commingle you get the ASIN …

Based on research I believe this to be true. It’s mentioned on outside Amazon resources as well as in the forums.

Product Labeling - ASIN vs FNSKU?

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