My first A to Z claim


Buyer said the book I sent her was damaged in the mail. Both the packaging and the book. I asked her to please send me a photo or the package and the book for my insurance claim. I told her I would give her a complete refund upon receipt of pics? I am hearing crickets. Should I contact her again or wait it out. What does Amazon do when customer does not respond?


Should read: photo of


So do you have an A2Z or not?

If the buyer has any issue with the product you sent them and it is inside the return window (30 days), you must authorize the return within 48 hours. If you do not and the buyer complains to Amazon, Amazon will issue a full refund and let the buyer keep the product. The seller also gets a metrics hit.


Easiest way to handle is tell buyer to go into order history and request a return. This will weed out the fraudulent returns and the buyers who are just trying to get free products.


buyers are not required to provide you pictures .
If you want proof get the item returned to you.
You are going to lose this claim PERIOD.


Your only defense for her not to get a full refund without receiving the return is to provide your buyer with a prepaid return label and respond to the AZ claim requesting that they deny it, stating that you will issue a refund once it has been returned to you. If you do not take these steps, Amazon will refund your buyer and not require that the book be returned to you, and the AZ will count against your seller metrics.

If the book is useless to you, then just refund in full and you may escape getting dinged for the AZ claim. This, surprisingly, happened to us last month: AZ was filed, we refunded, Amazon closed it as “Order refunded” and we were NOT dinged.


We always offer a “quicker and easier solution” to buyers if they would like to send us pictures of misssing/damaged/wrong items received.

Otherwise they can follow Amazon’s Return and Refund Policy directions and they might see a refund in 2-3 weeks…


I offered her to keep the book just send me the pics. So you are saying dont offer for her to keep the book just offer a return?


if not automatically provided if/when buyers request to return an order through their Amazon Account, you only have to provide a return shipping location in these United States.

We see no requirement for a pre-paid return shipping label.

[<— hunkering down, waiting for the barrage of discontents attacking that comment]


Your first line of response should be to authorize the return. Then you can offer the quicker solution as mentioned above.


Agreed. However, if it is a true A-Z claim, having offered a prepaid return label will show in the seller’s favor.

If it was delivered damaged, the seller would be on the hook for paying return shipping anyway. Also, if it’s a usps label it can be cancelled within 30 days if unused (if another carrier it won’t get charged if unused).


Thanks for the help everyone. I really think your suggestion is an immediate return authorization is a problem saver, the suggest options.


^ By any chance is her shipping address in Des Plaines, Illinois? :face_with_monocle:


Nope, Ft Worth TX