My account suspended , I want to close the account and recuperate the stock blocked amazon warehouse



My account is suspended

"Dear seller,
** You still have not provided sufficient information to reactivate your account.**
** We may not reply to further emails about this issue. For privacy reasons, we do not provide details about our investigation methods.**
** You can see your balance and settlement information in the Payments section of Seller Central. If you have questions about those, please write to**
Seller Performance Team

I want to close my account and recuperate the stock blocked in the amazon warehouse
Could you please tell me what is the methodology or process of that?

Best regards

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Removal order, unless you have problems with actual- intellectual - property complaints… AKA- IP… you’re going to need an address in the United States to ship to…

Good luck — they do give you a link to explore… + no one here has time to hold your hand or explain it to you…


They were suspended for IP infringement and only have an Alibaba invoice which Amazon didn’t accept, so they are not likely to get their inventory back.


To get your items back you need to successfully appeal.



Oh well that explains it…AZteck… you’re probably Sol…


OP, the best guess at this point is to get your account un-suspended. At least then you can access the balance of monies.
The IP Infringement is harder to appeal with only a receipt from Alibaba. Alibaba has not provided Invoices from all that I have seen.
Work with the company to resolve the IP complaint if possible and have it retracted.
You could post the Amazon email, original, and your POA for some help. Possibly.