My account has been blocked for 3 months, i need a return from the platform and i want to know when my money will be released


Dear, Amazon.

My account has been blocked for almost 2 months and I have not received any response regarding my appeal, I would like to know how my account review process is doing.
My resources were blocked and I request that it be made available for bank transfer, considering that my products were delivered more than 30 days ago, without any complaints and without complaints about authenticity.
Resources with a problem of authenticity of products that were not sold were requested, I have already sent all the necessary documentation and have not received any answers.

I count on your understanding and help from the Amazon team.



Without having an appeal accepted by Amazon, you will not be receiving your funds.


If the last email you got from Amazon contains the words “We may not respond to further inquiries on this issue”, you can rest assured that Amazon will not be releasing any funds back to you and Jeff will be able to add a little guacamole to his burrito this week.