My $20.00 PPC Campaign is "out of budget" with $0 spent


I launched a new product yesterday and as soon as I turned PPC on it was “out of budget”. Spend is listed as “-”, impressions are zero . I paused that campaign and opened a new Auto campaign at $.05 per click so I knew I could not go out of budget immediately. Is anyone having issues with running campaigns?


There’s latency. Check back tomorrow and you should see values for the metrics that currently appear to be empty.


Thank you for your reply. Based on my new product I don’t think the campaign is delivering at all but I will keep a close eye on the product to see if it moves. Seller Support tried to help me but the actual folks I need to talk to aren’t in again until tomorrow morning. Hope your health is good and your sales are plenty:)


Do you see any of yesterday’s stats in there now?


Maybe data was delayed. It happens.