MWS support thinks I'm inactive (even when I'm making API calls that work)


Hello! I registered for a new MWS account and was just approved. The next day, I received a ticket saying my account hadn’t been used in 60 days (since I hadn’t started using it yet) and that it would be terminated within 30 days. I authorized my application for my own Seller Account and had fun testing the API. I’m able to make calls successfully (GetMyFeesEstimate, ListInventorySupply, ListOrders) and receive my own data back.

I’ve gone back and forth on the ticket a few times – Amazon insists they don’t see MWS calls for me, and locally I’m making calls and receiving valid results. I don’t know what else I can do since things are working for me.

If I had to guess what the problem might be:

  • My developer account doesn’t show on my seller account’s authorized applications page [1] even though I added it + get valid keys that let me make valid requests. They are the same account, so maybe it doesn’t show that you authorized yourself?
  • I didn’t list the app in the store because it’s just for me (which the docs say is fine).

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? Is there a specific method I need to be calling beyond one of the three I’ve tested above?



That’s pretty strange. It would actually be very easy to prove that you have been using the API by providing them the request id from one of your calls.



I can see that I have authorized myself as a developer on my seller account. I think your should be able to as well. I do recall that when I first opened an MWS developer account it took a day or two for MWS access to be completely available. I was told "We will be making updates to your MWS access in 24 hours as described in the role documentation we previously sent you. Please review the documentation, especially if you are currently using the Orders, Merchant Fulfillment, or Reports APIs. "

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