MWS rejecting Order Fulfillment Feed


I’ve been trying to figure out where I’ve been going wrong here. I’m submitting the following (PII removed)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<AmazonEnvelope xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="amzn-envelope.xsd">

I’ve been reading everything I can find for the error

<ResultDescription>We are unable to process the XML feed because one or more items are invalid. Please re-submit the feed.</ResultDescription>

I’ve verified that the AmazonOrderID and AmazonOrderItemCode match up, but I always get that error back. The date is formatted ISO8601 as well (yes, I have seen the myriad similar posts in these forums)


The reason you are getting an error is because ShippingMethod is supposed to be before ShipperTrackingNumber.

Based on the Fulfillment data must be in sequence.


Ah. Well, that’s one less problem then. Thanks!

I changed the order and still get the same error, however.


Can you repost your request. I tested it myself and the issue was with the ordering. Once I fix the order it was processed successfully.


I’ve fiddled with it in the Scratchpad and had no success. Changing the order, or even omitting that one field, has produced no results. I opened a ticket with MWS directly and all they did was feed me back the API error.


Your fulfillment date format is the issue. I would suggest you just change it to UTC and send it in the following format 2020-06-22T11:25:09Z