MWS Products API : Bug : Wrong BuyBox info


Dear Amazon,

We are experiencing the following issue more and more.

As in the following example, Amazon has the BuyBox, however Amazon MWS Products API returns another seller as the BuyBox holder. This bad data is causing the seller lose sales.

Please address these annoying bugs.

Paul @ ChannelMAX



I noticed this yesterday using the Manage Inventory page as well as when I do a search on the Amazon website. See

It is a huge problem, but Amazon has yet to respond.


I just spent 15 minutes on the phone with Seller Support and they flat out deny that there is a problem. I even provided an ASIN and walked them through it in real time. Over and over. All they did was give me the boilerplate response about how the Buy Box is determined.

I really don’t care how it is determined. However, it is clear that Amazon is providing inaccurate data on the Buy Box Price for thousands of ASINs to thousands of sellers.

Amazon, it is a problem, and at the very least you need to acknowledge it and tell us you are working on it. If you made a change in how the Buy Box is determined, you forgot to update the Seller Central and AWS backend…


Not that I’m needed but if Amazon is listening it’s extremely obvious to all of us that something isn’t right …

Whether it’s on the Seller Account web page Inventory View or a GetCompetitivePricingForASIN the actual BB and the returned responses are not the same.

If it’s a temporary override for the Holidays so Amazon gets more sales then just say so.

If the MWS Product API doesn’t return the exact same data as the AWS PA API does and the AWS PA API determines the BB then fix it.

At the very least let’s just here either … ‘It’s intentional’ or ’ No comment’ or 'Yes we realize there is an issue and we are checking to see where the problem lies"


Sorry for butting in here, I see it is a frustrating & serious problem but

+“If the MWS Product API doesn’t return the exact same data as the AWS PA API does and the AWS PA API determines the BB then fix it”+

Lol , And I couldn’t get through a customer return!! :slight_smile: I must be delirious from all the amazon tutorials & forums because that statement made me laugh so hard I am crying!


Hi guys,

I’ve received a few reports of GetCompetitivePricing calls not returning the correct BuyBox offer recently. What’s worse, is I’ve honestly not been able to reproduce the issue myself - every single case (including the ASIN Paul linked to above), the correct BuyBox price has been returned by the API call when I try it.

That said, a few sellers have opened MWS support cases with RequestIds illustrating the opposite, so I have continued to investigate. What I have determined is that MWS is sporadically receiving the wrong data from the backend store responsible for the BuyBox data. This is why we’ve had such trouble nailing it down - random failures are hard to trace.

If you are encountering this issue, please feel free to open a Contact Us to the MWS team, and include the RequestId and timestamp for the call. I can dig into the server logs to tell you whether a particular request was a legit response or one that received incorrect data.


Thanks Chris,

I will post a ticket along with RequestID and other detail.

Paul @ ChannelMAX


The pricing info on the ASIN has changed and so the API behavior

We will have to wait for find similar situation.

I request you that you also “pro-actively” look into this matter.

Paul @ ChannelMAX


Dear Paul -

Please stop posting with a link advertising your outside Amazon services. It’s against the Forum Guidelines.
Go look up the rules.


I’m seeing it also … Things seem fixed for the moment.

I’m curious as to what NextGen Gamer sees on his inventory page. Mine seems correct … for the little I have listed in ‘other than Books’ categories.

PS Paul - You post so rarely I didn’t see it as any big deal but the previous poster +is+ technically correct … although people violate it all the time.

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Thanks for replying. It is good to hear someone at Amazon is at least aware of the issue and looking into it.

Here’s what I’ve discovered.

  1. The Buy Box Price error always happens when you have an FBA seller (doesn’t matter if it is Amazon or not) versus a merchant-fulfilled seller.

  2. The merchant-fulfilled seller will beat the FBA seller price by enough to win the Buy Box regularly. That merchant-fulfilled price will appear as the Buy Box Price in Manage Inventory +(or the MWS feed, or the search results).+

  3. The merchant-fulfilled seller +(or developer, or Amazon customer)+ clicks on the link to the ASIN, and instead of seeing the seller with the Buy Box Price, Amazon awards the Buy Box to an FBA seller with a significantly higher price.

  4. Merchant-fulfilled seller gets irritated and lowers price, let’s say another 5%. Again, the Buy Box Price in Manage Inventory shows the merchant-fulfilled seller’s price in the Buy Box Price field. However, click on the ASIN link and what do we see? The FBA seller still has the Buy Box.

  5. Merchant-fulfilled seller keeps refreshing their Manage Inventory page. The page keeps telling them they have the Buy Box, however Amazon keeps awarding the Buy Box to an FBA seller.

  6. The merchant-fulfilled seller becomes even more frustrated. First, why doesn’t the Buy Box Price match the seller who is actually winning the Buy Box. Secondly, why is Amazon awarding the Buy Box to an FBA seller who’s price is 20% higher than the lowest merchant-fulfilled price, the price that is being displayed in the Manage Inventory Buy Box Price field.

After seeing this occur for the past 72 hours, my gut instinct tells me their is some new “FBA bonus” added to the Buy Box algorithm that is not represented in the MWS feed. Like I said earlier, this error is occurring not just with the MWS feed, but also the Manage Inventory Buy Box Price field as well as the search results.


Hi guys,

I’ve been doing some more research today, and my understanding is that this issue has been fixed. If you have observations to the contrary, let me know! I’ll be watching this thread, so posting your examples here works if you don’t feel like opening a support case.


Here is another example:



<?xml version="1.0"?>


BuyBox owned by HitGaming at $12.49 (FBA)
MWS Returns $5.00 + $5.95 shipping.

BTW, should this issue be moved to the MWS forums also?



I agree, it seems MWS / Manage Inventory Buy Box Price has caught up with the changes made to the Buy Box logic.


i am still seeing this problem…I am using SEplus and the software is telling me I have the buy box when I do not…same pattern–an FBA seller maintains the Buy Box despite my software telling me I have it (on this listing i am self-fulfilled)…

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