MWS product feed overwrite sales and other discount


We want to adjust prices dynamically based on the buy box prices. I know there is automatic pricing available and we have tested it but it doesn’t fit fully.

Adjustment based on combination of price / quantity / sales and remaining stock


That’s the file I was pointing to (price & quantity update). Your screenshot is of the instructions/definitions tab. The second tab is the one you’d fill in and upload.


We have tested the Price / Quantity Feed file but it does override Sale, quantity discounts and prime discount.

Any further suggestion.


I’m thinking you need to approach this upside down from what you are now doing, and set the discounts etc. via feeds, and re-set them (sending the same data) when you change price/quantity. Can that be done? Doesn’t POST_PRODUCT_PRICING_DATA, which you say you use, allow both quantity discounts and sales? I don’t see Prime discount in there, but maybe I’m just missing it.

So you’d need to hold onto what your current discounts were, and send them up as appropriate. Seems to me that’s what you are going to need to do.

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Thank you very much.

This is what we tested and it worked i.e. sending discount / sale price via MWS on each product with each price change, however Prime discount is not one of them.

I hope they will add that or may be there is more to it, only update not override.

Thanks once again.


Hmmm sounds like they need to fix that, indeed, give access to the prime discount through the upload.

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Another interesting feature :slight_smile:

if you have any product in “prime discount” and you put “automate pricing” thing, item gets RED in prime discount with some error. without even hitting any of the minimum threshold price.

Moment you remove your item from automate pricing it goes back to green.

On a side note why they have two places for Minimum threshold price even, both at automate pricing and prime discount :thinking: