MWS product feed overwrite sales and other discount


Recently we have few items on Sale, quantity discounts and prime discount etc. These all discounts / offers were placed via Seller Central.

However each time when we send product price feed with only price change, it overwrites all the Sale, quantity discounts, and prime discounts etc.

Is there anyway to just update price and leave everything intact that is being set from Seller Central.

We use POST_PRODUCT_PRICING_DATA for FBA inventory and only sending prices.

Thanks in advance.


Not sure about the specific template you are using, but there should be a column (last one on ours) where you would enter ‘partial update’ so that only the fields with entries be affected. Have you checked that?


Hi Pkb,

Thanks for the reply, may I ask which feed_type you are using.

As we are using XML feed with POST_PRODUCT_PRICING_DATA enum. (Screen Shot Attached).

If you can find same option of “Partial Update” in that feed, it will help us a lot, else we can look into your suggested feed type and re-code product feeds.

Best Regards


Aha… I missed the XML part…we use an inventory loader template and that’s where the update field options are. Hang in there, I’m sure someone will come along with useful info shortly.


Hi pkb,

On further checking Inventory Loader, i only found following option but no Partial Update thing. If you can share some screen shot it will help.

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What category are you in?


We use almost all categories (Main Categories), except few. therefore need general solution to update prices only. We are not the creator of listing therefore we never submit any listing related data.

Only Prices (FBA / FBM) and Quantity (FBM) only.


Ok just use the Price & Quantity file then. Copy/paste ’ Price and Quantity file’ into the help box on seller central. From the results find the one that is titled “Price and Quantity file” (you have to scroll just a bit), click on that and you should get an instructional video. Scroll past the video and you’ll see " Download: Price & Quantity file template". That file is not category specific like the inventory listing one and should make the updates you need.


Do it for just 1 sku to test first and make sure it works the way you want it to before you do all your skus. I usually don’t take Amazon’s word for doing what it says it’ll do without testing it for myself :wink: Good luck.


Thank you very much, I am working on it.



I would think the price & quantity file would work.

If not use a Category Template, which does allow for PartialUpdate, and just fill in a minimum of fields.

Same test run on it for just 1 SKU.


We use programming based solution, rather than manual file upload.

Therefore looking for solution using only MWS


He sells across categories and those templates are category specific which means he’d have to fill one out for each…one of those is enough of a PITA :sweat_smile:


As do I.

There are 2 types of files you can upload:

  1. XML
  2. Flat file

My programming writes both kinds and uploads through MWS.


Granted I use the P&Q feed myself … but for the Category Templates, storing the header for your categories and writing the file is not all that hard. Just more work to program at first.

But we both agree the P&Q is the easiest, as long as it works as intended.


We have about 1K plus items and prices needs to updated every 30 min or so, P&Q might not sound very practical for larger number of products.

That is why we switched to xml based approach.


Oh for God’s sake you’re talking to someone who has been doing this way longer than you have even thought about it.

We update orders of magnitude more items than you are talking about in a substantially shorter interval, and we use Price & Quantity updates.

When asking questions, maybe try listening to people who have actually done what you want to do, instead of telling them they don’t know what they are talking about.

If anything puts the kibosh on this it might be the category issue, but it is certainly not the speed with which these feeds are processed by Amazon.

bunga bunga!


I did check the file as guided by “pkb”, may be i am not searching properly to get the right file. Please guide me further. Thanks for your help

This is what i got.


That is the P&Q File …


Also … and I haven’t tested … but changing a price or maybe even just uploading the same price might trigger this issue.

If so why do you need to change a price for a sale item? If on sale I’d have my program skip repricing that item.

Just thinking and spitballing.