MWS Order Reports not matching with Seller Central Business Report (Sales and Traffic)



Our company is trying to continuously get sales data by calling Report API: GET_FLAT_FILE_ALL_ORDERS_DATA_BY_ORDER_DATE

The problem is: for some dates, the sales figure we obtain doesn’t match with Seller Central Business Report (sales and traffic) given the same date range, even considering the time zone difference (UTC to PST, 7 hr difference)

We don’t think it’s about data not being updated yet as I tested using older data. We believe it’s about how Business Report calculates sales figure:

  1. Are the start and end dates based on ‘purchase-date’ information as in GET_FLAT_FILE_ALL_ORDERS_DATA_BY_ORDER_DATE?
  2. How does Business Report handle those with ‘order-status’ = ‘Cancelled’ or ‘item-status’ = ‘Cancelled’? I saw from the report api that for some of those orders, the amount is non-zero, which they should be.

PLEASE HELP WITH US as it’s very important to understand why our dashboard is not matching with Seller Central, thank you!