MWS Developer Registration and Assessment pending since June 2019


Hi folks,

We first submitted the MWS Developer Registration and Assessment form on June 5 and got a reply relatively soon after on June 19, saying we had to follow the Amazon Privacy Policy and other guidelines. After carefully re-reading and double-checking the Amazon guidelines, we re-submitted the form on June 25, and since then we have not received any kind of feedback or response from Amazon. We tried to follow up on the same case on August 9, and again today, but still there is no feedback…
Is there any way to escalate this case so that we get some sort of response from Amazon? This case has been opened since June, and it’s been well over 3 months since we first requested for the MWS Dev ID… Our team believes that the 3-month-time-frame is more than enough time to assess the case and reach a conclusion.
Any comment would be appreciated.



Unfortunately it takes sometime. You might have better luck replying to this already open thread which have MWS admins


Will try replying to the thread you’ve linked. Thanks!

Waiting for Developer ID for more than 90 days (Pending Amazon action)
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