MWS access timeline?


How long does it take to get developer access to the API? I submitted the form on Feb 12 and the ticket is still just in the status ‘Pending Amazon Action’ and it is hampering my company’s ability to track orders and inventory and make other decisions.

Is there a way to bump the request up or something?


The time can vary depending on circumstances. It can take more than a month. Some companies I have been in touch with recently were able to get a Developer ID approved for their own account in about 1.5 months.

Are you applying for MWS access to your own account only, or are you applying to provide a MWS service to other sellers?

As the process is supposed to take a month, and you have been waiting for more than that, I recommend you post a kind worded message like “Please let me know how long my application is expected to take.” OR “Please give me an update on the status of my application”. I recommend not posting on the case asking for status more than once a month.

David Nelson
Dynamic Enterprise Technologies Inc
Seattle Washington USA


I am requesting access for myself for my company’s account so I guess technically its for other sellers.

My CTO has asked 2 times now since February and heard nothing.


The very first question on the “Developer Registration and Assessment” is about who you plan to develop for.

(1) If you answered “I represent a seller organization integrating with Amazon MWS or its own selling account” then your resulting MWS access will be limited to your company’s seller account.

(2) If you answered “Public applications for other sellers and myself”, then your MWS access will be setup to allow other sellers to authorize you for access their accounts.

How did you answer this question?

David Nelson
Dynamic Enterprise Technologies Inc
Seattle Washington USA


I answered with #1. Here are the 2 answers from my case log.

For whom do you develop or plan to develop applications? : private
Are you having someone outside your company build your application : internalDeveloper



We were just approved after almost 3 months to the day, I am not sure if you had anything to do with it or the timing was a coincidence but thank you for everything.