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Thanks for any help. I sense this is a rookie question, but am still stumped. I received the below message, and after much looking around in “help,” still don’t know how this pertains to me or what it’s for. I’ve never “developed an application” so am tempted to disregard it, but the “due to inactivity” makes me think this is something I’ve used in the past and may need again?? I just have 1 product and sell via FBA.

“This message is to inform you that we will deactivate your MWS Access Keys in 30 days due to inactivity, as your application has not made an API call to Amazon MWS in the last 60 days. If you would like your MWS Access Keys to remain active, please use the application you developed to make an API call within the next 30 days.”

On my “Developer Central” page, it shows a developer profile with the date when I first set up my account in 2017, along with a developer ID and link to credentials. Below this it says, “You currently have no application clients.”



MWS is Amazon’s API for programmatically communicating with Amazon’s Seller Central for fulfilling orders on Amazon. If you don’t use MWS for fulfilling orders you can ignore this but I would advise that you review how orders are being processed and fulfilled.


In the past sellers could get developer credentials at the click of a button and it sees you did that in 2017. More recently, Amazon has been disabling unused developer credentials to improve data security.

You can read about this in the Acceptable Use Policy located at the link below. Section 3.5 says in part, developer “…keys that do not make a successful call in 90 days will be deleted…”

Amazon is letting you know you they plan to disable your developer credentials if you don’t use them soon. If you have no custom program using your developer credentials, then it is good that Amazon will disable them. If you end up needing developer credentials again in the future, you can apply and get them again (although it is a more complex process now).

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Thank you. I mean I use FBA, so does this use MWS? What is the alternative to using MWS?


Thank you so much. Yes, I suspected that maybe this is something that I never used to begin with. But their language of not having used it in 60 days was throwing me off. Thank you for the information and link!


If you manually fulfill your orders using Seller Central or use a 3rd party software to get information from Amazon (i.e. shopify) you most likely don’t use MWS.


You can manage your Amazon seller account using any combination of the following:

  • The old MWS API or the new SP-API (via software you created)
  • Authorize another developer to access your seller account via API (via software they created)

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