Multiple Seller Accounts and single SP-API app


I’ve developed a Private Seller SP-API app. I have it working with an existing seller account (migrating from MWS). We have another seller account where we sent an “invitation” to allow access to seller central. I signed onto using our existing developer account, and was able to authorize the new seller account to use the app, using the same application ID. This gave me a refresh token.
My question is how the SP-API “knows” which seller account to access when using the getOrders method? Everything is the same except the Refresh Token The call to getOrders does not use the merchant (seller) ID.
Is this handled internally by the API (using only the Refresh Token)??
Since our new seller site does not have items or orders yet, I can’t be sure .


You are supposed to self authorized private applications. Doing so will give you separate credentials per account.


Sorry… I know I’ve asked this before, but it’s still VERY confusing. I’ve read that very page quite a few times trying to understand the process.
I don’t see where I get the “separate credentials” you mention.
I really don’t want to setup each of my Seller accounts as a developer.

What I did was (from the non-developer account) was send an invite to access Seller Central. Then signed into that invite using my existing developer account. I got a message stating that it was approved.

Now, when I sign into Seller Central using my developer account, I can see BOTH Seller Accounts. If I select my developer account, I can authorize the application for all accounts and get a Refresh Token. I thought this was “self authorization”.

Reading steps 5 and 6 on the link you provided is what’s confusing me.
5 says to save a refresh token for each selling partner account . (This is what I did - i can see both accounts here - my developer account and my other seller account)
Then 6 says to authorize for a different selling partner account.
I don’t understand the difference.


For what it’s worth… my method appears to have worked just fine. I’m able to independently update inventory and get orders.


So the idea is that you would get a different Refresh token per account. This is how you would differentiate between the two accounts.