Multiple items in one box retail arbitrage question



Relatively new to retail arbitrage. Wondering if it is possible to send in multiple various items in one box? Please help!

Thank u



The risk isn’t using the same box, it is often using the retail source


You realize that if you send them to FBA, are asked for proof of authenticity, a wholesale invoice, and cannot provide it, you will lose the merchandise as well as your account.


You are about to lose all the money you spent buying the items because as soon as you get a counterfeit complaint you will have no proof of these items not being fake since Amazon will not accept retail receipts as proof.
You will lose your Amazon account and any monies in that account (Amazon by law cannot give you these monies without proof that you were not selling fake items) plus none of these items will ever be returned to you.

But to answer your question you can put as many different items in any box that Amazon wants in the same warehouse as long as that box does not weigh more than 50 pounds nor measures more than 25 inches on any one side.


They’re not fake though? And how would I provide proof of authenticity? I doubt most sellers provide this. I think you all are overreacting, except for bad brittnie


you read this wrong.
RA doesn’t fair well here. read a few threads and you soon find stories about invoices and suspensions.


Don’t pay any attention to the people who are saying you will lose everything. There are people in the forum who simply hate RA and bad-mouth it at every turn. It isn’t without its risks, but I sold RA for years without a single problem. Not One. Just be careful in what you sell, check them out to see if they are restricted on the Seller App, and know the rules on selling. It is absolutely NOT necessary to buy inventory from a wholesaler in most (but not all) categories.

Few if any of the experts in the forum who tell you what a disaster RA is have ever sold RA.

And you can put many different items in one box.


Read a few threads and you will find many stories about suspensions from people who get their inventory wholesale, too.


I believe this policy may be changing based on the new relaxed version of the TOS which is coming out next month (actually I think it’s today August 16th). True, Amazon does tend to assume you’re guilty and if you cannot prove your items are authentic they have been known to “destroy” your products. Or, in other words, confiscate your products and then resell them on Amazon themselves or offer them up for auction to liquidators who will then resell them on Amazon.

I think this type of tyrannical action may be near it’s end. We will have to wait and see how Amazon changes it’s policies and actions but at least it appears that in writing they will provide sellers with more options to appeal suspensions and get their merchandise back.


If you actually read what you quoted me saying, you’d find that I said the risk is not using the same box to ship the RA items to Amazon … the risk is often using the retail source (doing retail arbitrage).


Whether Online Arbitrage or Retail Arbitrage, it appears to be a risky business model these days on Amazon.

Here is today’s latest post from someone doing Online Arbitrage. You can search the forums for more yourself and decide if the risk is worth it.


To add to the pile on against retail and online arbitrage, the issue is your supply channel and consumer protections. While everyone agrees that first sale doctrine allows you to purchase a product and resell it, Amazon is concerned that a receipt from a retailer voids any warranties to their consumers, and that Federal Regulations seem to require you to list products sourced through arbitrage as “Used - Like New”. Additionally, without invoices, it becomes very difficult for you and Amazon to defend themselves against claims of selling counterfeits or other IP rights violations.


I mostly agree with what you’re saying. If you’ve been here a while & have a history the risk is small. However for a new seller I feel the risk is high especially with FBA.


IE the bolded items.
I get it, OP doesn’t.


I beg to differ.
I AM an RA seller.
Have been selling here for years.
And I see what amazon has been doing to new RA sellers for at least the past 6 months…
It is horrible and the new seller trap.

I would never advise a new seller to send anything to FBA that is ra.
What they are doing is waiting till the packages ore on the way…
then suspending for suspected counterfeits and in most cases of new sellers…NOT accepting receipts from Target, walmart ect.
Then they do not get back on and lose all their merchandise.
There are so many threads on this.
It is horrible…but true.


That would be wonderful as I think what they have been doing is immoral at the very least.


do you still sell RA?
i’ve only been here a short but what i’ve read here is it is more risky now, than a few years ago, and also riskier for new sellers that don’t know to:

not trying to take shots at you, you are obviously a veteran and know the way it works. the OP, with comments like this will most likely implode quickly. he even missed the @Bad_Brittnie comment about the risks of RA, and claiming those that want to warn him are overreacting.


I don’t but I would. It is only more risky because the categories are policed more aggressively. But I never violated the rules when I was RA and I could sell RA now with no problems. I just found it to be too much work. A great tool I never had is the Amazon Seller App, which pretty much identifies 90% of all RA items that cannot be sold and makes RA selling a lot easier than when I was doing it and there was no guidance…

But you re right – it is very risky for new sellers who do not do their homework and think they can sell anything RA. But it always was. You cannot be stupid and sell RA.

I think he was right. @Bad_Brittnie simply said there was a problem. Everyone else went directly to guaranteed failure and suspension, lol. Yeah, everyone but @Bad_Brittnie over-reacted.


I agree that there is a learning curve. But failure is not a given. There are plenty of RA things that can be safely sold on Amazon.