Multiple FBA Shipments in same Shopify Order


We fulfill our Shopify web orders through Amazon FBA. On a somewhat frequent basis, Amazon will send multiple shipments for the same order, and unfortunately, our customers only receive tracking information for the first box that was sent.

I saw one topic on these forums with this same issue that was posted earlier this year, but no solution was found. Does anyone know if this is possible yet? Perhaps I could hire some fancy Shopify developer to get Shopify to fire off emails with each tracking number?

This is our #1 customer service complaint, and I’m hoping we can find some resolution soon!



yes, I meet same problem before, about muti-order, a customer purchase same or other from same store at same time. they will provide only one tracking, so everytime, I will check them when i print label out.
maybe i don’t find other way to solve it.