Multi-Channel Rabbit Hole


There are two purposes to this post: To let other sellers know this can happen (I did not even know it was possible until the other day), and to maybe, in my groundless optimism that Amazon gets its act together over such things, suggest to Amazon a better way.

First the situation: Customer orders two, I create MC fulfillment order for two, Amazon delivers one, marks the order “complete.” Customer complains.

Did the second one get lost in route? No. MC order for two, one shipment of one, order marked complete.

I request an investigation from seller support. This is the response, of course marked as “answered.”

“Upon investigating, we found that the order is in Buyer’s possession, and has missed the expected delivery date. Returns are currently not available in the Canada or Spain marketplaces.”

Ok, wait, is that someone writing backwards?

Apparently the investigator doesn’t know California from Canada. So that’s the level of competence that Amazon assigned to the issue.

Second, how does rest of that solve the issue? The world “half” was left out of the response. Half the order is in the buyer’s possession, and the other half missed the delivery date.

Amazon, what are you going to do about it? When I make a fulfillment order, that’s a contract on your part to fulfill the order in a way that the customer has no reasonable complaint about the experience. When the customer says to me, hey, where’s the other half of my order, that’s a reasonable complaint.

I understand that stuff happens. But here is yet another example where the canned cut & paste responses that seller support is limited to does not apply to my problem, and instead I get word salad. Either the seller support rep doesn’t understand that he doesn’t know how to address the problem, or he does not have any way to escalate it to someone who does.

Again, I understand that stuff happens, but I now have an unhappy customer due to Amazon performance, and the customer is on a platform where “Amazon screwed up” does not get bad feedback removed.

Plus, I don’t know, but I assume I was charged the fulfillment fees for both items. I don’t have any acknowledgement that I wasn’t.

Amazon, the investigation of this order needs to be escalated until it arrives in front of someone who can process it the following way:

  1. Refund all of my fulfillment fees. Again, you promised to fulfill this order in a way to make the customer happy and not only didn’t you do it, you hid the problem from me by marking the order as complete. I was thus unable to take proactive steps to deal with the problem. Now what’s left to me is to refund the money the customer paid for shipping since it was substandard, and hope that she doesn’t leave bad feedback. Apparently you expect me to do that and still pay you MC fulfillment fees???

  2. The investigation then needs to then be escalated to someone with the technical IT and procedural authority to really figure out what happened, and make that situation happen differently in the future. No multi channel order should EVER be marked as complete that is not complete…ack what is wrong with you? MC sellers should be notified IMMEDIATELY when an order cannot be complete. When NO items are shipped, it is marked cancelled which notifies me. It should be declared “partially cancelled” or something so we immediately know what the deal is.

  3. In general, seller support needs to have real ways to deal with issues they don’t know how to handle rather than throwing darts at the cut & paste list.

Instead, I have to go to battle with people who can’t tell a country from a state and, what, formally request reimbursement, taking the chance that I’m denied either because there’s no policy to do that or because they don’t understand the situation…again. Then I have to escalate it myself to Jeff@ and then how much time do I have to spend in order to get a six or eight dollar refund? Or worse, to NOT get the refund?

So I don’t do it, raising my cost of doing business on non-Amazon platforms which causes this situation to really resolve in Amazon’s favor. Amazon has the money, didn’t have to perform, and the cost of my business off site just increased.Hmmmm.

And again, to sellers, apparently it is possible for Amazon to partially fulfill a MC order and them mark it as complete. Maybe you knew this already, I didn’t.


Hi @Little_Bear_Collecti - Thank you for posting to the forums. I have read through your questions and suggestions and am going to send you a DM to follow up one-on-one.

For other sellers using Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF), I want to confirm that orders are fulfilled with the on hand quantity and fees are calculated on the units that are fulfilled.

I welcome any other sellers to share their experience with MCF here!



Fred, I never received your DM.


I will send another message right now to bring it to the top of your inbox. Let me know if you don’t get it!