Multi-Channel Fulfillment



So I sell a product on Amazon (FBA) and Shopify. If i sold an item on shopify, and then put in a Multi-Channel Fulfillment order to ship the item, is this considered a FBA or FBM sale? Only asking because im creating a auto email chain and i have the option to filter by Fulfillment type as I dont want Shopify sales getting Amazon emails.



After further consideration I am now thinking it would be an FBA order since Amazon would be the responsible party for the delivery of the order.


Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders show under FBA orders on Amazon


As far as the buyer is concerned it is not Amazon related. They placed the order on your website. They have no idea you will use Amazon to fulfill the order. You are responsible for all customer service for MCF orders.

By the was FBM is fulfilled by merchant for an order received on Amazon.


It is not considered FBA and it carries none of the FBA protections.

It is the same as FBM and will ship slow unless you upgrade your shipping. Amazon might do a warehouse transfer to get it closer and save on shipping. Something to consider.

Another issue is INR;s. Amazon doesn’t give the same protection as FBA orders.