Multi-Channel Fulfillment taking forever to ship orders - many stuck!


I use Amazon FBA to fulfill orders on other channels, such as eBay & direct website.

A few months/weeks back, everything was fine, however as of recently, I find Amazon FBA is taking an extremely long time to fulfill orders. Sometimes, the orders don’t ever ship at all and I end up having to refund customers and re-send an expedited product.

I currently have an order that was placed on my website and I opened a Multi-Chanel Fulfillment order on 3 June 2017. The status STILL says Shipping yet the Expected Ship Date was 6 June.

This is causing tremendous problems, does anyone know why there are such significant delays? I’ve spoken to Seller Support and they have no idea, claim nothing can be done (as per usual) since the process is automated.

Some extra info:

My seller rating is high and in good standing
All ASINs are in stock and have been selling for months
No violations or red flags in my account recently
Happening across multiple ASINs, not any in particular
Other sellers I know are experiencing similar problems with their accounts


You might not be aware that Amazon uses their fulfillment network in processing the orders. That means that just like items that are received and re-distributed to other warehouses, Amazon will also re-ship items between warehouses so that when it is picked up by the carrier, it is from the warehouse closest to the buyer.

That will usually add a few days to the process, but should not impact the delivery commitment which is usually 10 days.

If you want to receive a shipping notification sooner, you will need to upgrade to Expedited with another $3 charge, but the order would be delivered within 5 days.



We are experiencing the same issue. Adding $3 for expedite shipping is not feasible for us at this time. Starting to rethink the multichannel fulfillment option at this point.


You should seriously rethink this.

Amazon charges upwards of $5.95 for Standard shipping (1 lb) and $8.95 for Expedited.

You should check into what it will cost you.

USPS - upwards of $8.17 for retail pricing
Box - around $1 per box and packing material
Handling - upwards of $3 to pay someone to do it for you.

That means, you are comparing $5.95 for FBA to $12.17 to do this yourself.

I think that if you need the faster tracking number, you really should determine how to build that $3 into your price. It will certainly cost your more to get less on your own.



Something changed with Multi-Channel Fulfillment. We’ve used it nearly problem free for the past couple years, but they haven’t been meeting the estimated ship date for most orders over the past 12 days. I hope someone knows what caused this and whether it will be fixed soon.


Same issue with us. Delays of up to a week or so before shipping the items. We just started having issues in the past 2 weeks or so.


We have been experiencing the same issues with multi-channel.

Standard shipping orders sometimes don’t get shipped for up to a week.

Expedited orders regularly don’t even get shipped for 2 days.

Most likely going to switch to Rakuten Super Logistics for multi-channel after Xmas.

They guarantee to ship the same day or they refund you. FBA used to be awesome for multi-channel. Now, it’s pretty lousy.


Same issue.
Have had issues for over a year, but it is especially bad recently. We do use Expedited and priority (1 and 2 day a lot of the time with the same delays for both).

As far as we can tell they are giving normal Amazon orders priority in their fulfillment centers. You can order our same item through Amazon even with standard shipping and it will almost always ship same day.

I believe it is intentional to drive more business to

The seller support people in the Indian call centers don’t seem to understand or appreciate what a multichannel fulfillment order is, because 3 out of 4 times calling about a shipment stuck in planning or shipping status for multiple days, results in the associate saying that if it does not arrive by the scheduled delivery date, “The Customer Can Contact us” to receive a refund. They don’t understand that as far as Amazon goes, WE ARE THE CUSTOMER for multi-channel fulfillment orders. We can’t tell our anxious customers to just call Amazon if we apparently failed to ship or deliver the item in a timely manner.

Amazon needs to up the multi channel game and probably create a new support department for such issues! As is we have gone back to processing almost all shipments locally. And I’m sure we are not the only ones.


Old topic but I like to share my experience and thoughts.

We have been using MCF for 2+ years now. We also have had the same experience where orders would not get shipped for 2+ days. It gets much worse for rural area MCF orders sometimes. Customers would ask and we pretty much have no answer for them. Amazon reps also has no answer.

Now that I understand from BoardGames4Us how the fulfillment network and inter-warehouse movement works, I can see why some of our orders won’t get filled for awhile. We would have no tracking number for days. It is so difficult to explain to customers.

If the delay is caused by first transferring the item to the closest warehouse first, would the answer be to push more inventory into their network so that sellers have a minimum level of inventory at most Amazon FCs?

In terms of Expedited and Priority orders, would Amazon skip the inter-warehouse transfer and actually ship the item via 2nd day or next day air? As I Prime Customer myself, I do believe that Amazon would suck it up and do that for their customers. But for MCF orders when it isn’t their customer and they have small profit, I don’t believe Amazon would eat the higher shipping cost like that.

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