Multi-Channel bulk file upload error


Hi there,
I have been trying to “Upload Multi-Channel Fulfillment File” but I keep getting this error. This was suppose to be a test run therefore there is only 1 record. I have 89 others to fulfill.

There are over 100 available stock so I don’t see it as a stock problem.
The file is already in the tab-delimited format
I have tried changing the SKU in the file as FSKU, ASIN, seller SKU.

Below is the message i got from the log.

Feed Processing Summary:
Number of records processed 1
Number of records successful 0

original-record-number sku error-code error-type error-message
0 110001 Fatal Dependency Error occurred during processing of feed
0 740001 Error Unexpected error occurred during processing of order Order-0001

Does anyone know how to fix this? i tried searching in the forums but they were too old and cannot see the replies.

Thank you so much.