Mother's day promotion gone bad


Yesterday was one of the worst day I had since started selling on Amazon.

We wanted to offer our customers Mother’s day sale discount of $10 off of $100 product, but instead the discount applied 90% off and allowing customers to buy our product for a total of $10. In 2-3 hours we sold out of most of our inventory, until we caught the mistake.

Please give me your advice on what to do now:

  1. FBA orders (300+) I have worked with seller support to cancel them but since there were many, by the time they tried to cancel them in bulk, most of them were already too far in the fulfillment process to be cancelled. So now, I’m preparing an email to all the customers that are about to receive their orders to kindly request they return the products they bought as this error has caused a tremendous loss to our small family business.

  2. FBM orders (500+) - I will write an email to customers explaining what happened and the reasons why their order cannot be fulfilled and ask them to cancel the order/s on their end (if I do it on my end, I will get penalized or suspended by fulfillment).

I am awaiting on response from amazon performance with the same questions, so far I have not definitive answers on what is the right thing to do.

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As far as #2 goes, doesn’t Amazon require you to ship orders within 2 days after you get the order? How many hours do you think it will take you to write the 500+ people that ordered that item? Customer do not have to check their Amazon account once a day like sellers do. I do not think you will get enough customers to cancel their orders to keep you from getting suspended if you do not ship the orders.

If you write the customers and wait for them to put in a cancellation request, you are likely to get dinged for late shipment if they do not respond quick enough. Too many late shipment dings will also get you suspended. How much time are you going to give them to respond to your email? What if they don’t see your email and file an A-Z claim or leave you negative feedback because they don’t have what they ordered. You will no doubt have many unhappy customers.

Here is a question for you: Is it better for you to ship the orders and lose money or is it better for you to get suspended?


What Dave said, i don’t see this ending well for you. Not with asking FBA customers to return what they’ve bought because you made a pricing error, or with the FBM buyers who expect to be receiving their orders and now find themselves being asked to cancel their orders. If these are indeed Mother’s Day gift items all the worse for you still.


Ouch. Something similar happened to us from an Amazon ASIN merge. They merged a single tide into a ASIN for a case of six. But the pricing stayed at the price of a single bottle. We had more then 230 orders for this in a matter of a few hours!

We contacted Amazon and noted their mistake. A notation was made on our file and we proceeded to cancel every order and get the resulting feedback removed.

I think we hit a little over 5% cancels from this.

The difference is that the pricing issue on this situation was not do to Amazons mistake. At this point you can safely cancel a few, but the majority will need to be dealt with by shipping or by pushing your cancellation rate sky high. Letting seller performance make a notation on your file about this and that you are already correcting the circumstances that allowed this to happen may help you.

Having said this, Amazon seems to be suspension oriented right now and no one can promise a resolution for you that is not wrought with either risk or losing money.

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