[Mod Post] Regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)


So now the possibility of FBA warehouses closing is considered an “off-topic coronavirus post”. Wow.


all I have seen are people throwing out rumors and posts from reddit which I would find far more dangerous than price gouging


I second this question.

Why so many pending orders?


Shout out to the guy wrapping all shipments in toilet paper instead of bubble wrap… Whoever he is, I’m sure is regrets that decision now that TP is worth than most products.


Amazon’s guidance on shipping from the San Francisco Bay counties that are affected by the lockdown would be appreciated


Discussion in other threads indicates that individual online sellers from the Bay Area are considered essential businesses who can continue to make deliveries. It’s doubtful that Amazon will address California citizens directly. If you want information and guidance, please check your local guidelines by State.


How about account with unavailable balance in seller account, please relief our funds now, we need the money to survive, we are an small business, Amazon we need your help!!!
We know is a normal part of selling on Amazon to see an unavailable balance on our Payments report, but we are desperate!!


Please start your own thread. You are way off topic in this one.


can not agree more