[Mod Post] Regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)


Hello Sellers,

Amazon is concerned about the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), as seen on our Important notification regarding impacts of the Novel Coronavirus posted February 7.

We are seeing an increase in the number of off-topic coronavirus posts made in the forums. Please be mindful and refrain from posting about the coronavirus when it is off-topic, as per the Forum Guidelines.

Additional information: About the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Best regards,
The Moderators

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Can you please define for us what is on topic?

Is it okay to start a thread on sanitary packing techniques?
How about a thread on the safe handling and buying of items at a garage sale?


I think you would be ok with doing that.

There is no way that a starting a thread could be “off-topic”.

Since it is the topic :grinning:


Hey @James_Amazon
I think since it is the main topic of everyone’s day to day conversation it is to be expected to a degree.
We hope that Amazon will keep sellers informed of any closures or changes that are going to be made because of this virus and it will help stop the gossip and off topic conversations. Personally, I have seen too many “Warehouses are closing” and doom and gloom alarmist posts and appreciate your post but also send a tremendous amount of inventory to you and am hoping that Amazon keeps us all informed of any changes as they arise and not leave us in the dark.


So it would seem to a reasonable person. But there are lots of off-topic posts in many threads, and they seldom get remarked upon by mods.

It seems odd that a mod would focus on off topic CV-19 posts and not other off-topic posts. I was wondering if this was a roundabout way of saying “No CV-19 posts.”

What I was trying to determine is if CV19 posts are permitted at all.


That’s very true.

Of course I can’t speak for the mods. However, I can speak for myself as someone who spends way too much time in forum.

I understand that CV-19 is an important subject that impacts sellers on a daily basis. However it seems that occasionally when folks get off-topic with CV-19, things tend to occasionally get ugly, very quickly. Including wildly inaccurate scientific information, as well as comments which could be perceived as racist.

While the propagation of misinformation isn’t explicitly prohibited, it’s certainly not helpful and it can be dangerous. However, insulting groups of people is prohibited.

  • Profanity, obscenities, or spiteful remarks.
  • Insults of other groups or individuals.


So like I said, I have no idea what Amazon’s thinking is. But, it’s my best guess they might want to shut things down more quickly on these posts, before things go too far off the rails.


Or when you’re posting on topic threads about it those seem to be an issue too.


Thats kind of what I thought when mine got locked. Seems the rules change daily in here now. Or maybe they change according to the poster.


Thank you. I am glad to see that Amazon is doing its part to reduce panic and the politicization of health matters.

Having said that, Costco appears to be limiting its traditional handouts of samples in some of its stores.

Now THAT is a crisis.


I think Amazon just wants us to not talk about it. Just “The Man” trying to keep us down!:female_detective::male_detective:


Amazon news reports claim they’ve cracked down on the price gouging. Amazon sellers who open threads to claim otherwise might draw undue controversial attention to the issue. Amazon has solved the problem, no need for discussion.:smiley:

My thread was locked too. “Seattle Postal Worker tests positive for Coronavirus.” A little too close to the Amazon headquarters perhaps.


We are long past that.

Amazon announced on March 3rd that one of its Seattle area employees had tested positive for the virus


I do not think the topics themselves get threads locked, but the wild speculation and misinformation that always appear.s does Plus the topic seems to bring out a lot of aggression in people.

Addressing the problem is not the same as solving it. Amazon is so huge that there is no way they can simply eliminate price gouging. I suspect I could do a few simple searches and find examples in minutes.


It was an attempt at satire, hence why the smiley was added to my post.


Sorry, I missed it. I would suggest :roll_eyes: as a sarcasm emoji, lol.


All I know is I wouldn’t be buying anything from CHINA, Italy or South Korea. I would also like to mention eventually when the post office closes offices…you will need to find a place to ship your stuff either fedx UPS ,IPS with Doug Hefferenan or somehow besides USPS. the show must go on.


I used them to ship some Penguins to the zoo in Albany. What a mess.


They are also out of toilet paper which escalates the crisis in our view.


Sorry to bring this up but I have noticed a backlog of pending orders in my account. Is there any shortage of hands at the fulfillment centers because that is what it looks like with these amount of orders waiting to be fulfilled.