Mistakenly refunded FBA order as a return and not General Adjustment is there any way to go back an change Refund Reason?



I had a FBA order that the customer messaged me and wanted a refund but didn’t want to go outside and return do to Social Distancing and her husband having terminal cancer. I mistakenly issued her a return for the full amount. I meant to issue her a general adjustment instead of a return so she would not have to ship the item back. Is there anyway to change the refund so she will not have to ship the item back. I don’t want her to get charged for the item since she is under the impression the item does not have to be shipped back. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



If your item was FBA why are you handling this?
You pay amazon for that.


I didn’t want her to have to return the item through the mail since her husband is very sick. I wanted to make it easy for her. It was a mistake on my part now looking back. I’m just seeing if there is anyway to fix it now that it has been done.


if you already refunded her then there nothing more to do.


Ok thank you so much for your help! Does this mean she does not have to ship them item back no matter how the refund was classified(General Adjustment or Refund)? Thanks!