Missing info on ListOrdersResult MWS function List Orderst


I have had the MarketplaceWebServiceOrders_Model_ListOrdersRequest working fine for the last two years. The query is still returning results, but now the order data returned is missing these two lines (or more) :



All the rest is sent, but these two items. Has something changed or is this a fault in the feed?

Please advise.



Sounds like you do not have PII access. If your MWS account was approved without PII access, Amazon will not provide you with the buyer name or street address through the API.


How would I obtain this do you know? Thanks


I am sure the answer has been posted to the section of the forum you just posted in.


Ok thanks.

I will dig around some more thanks for the heads up though.




You can read this FAQ, especially item 10:

It is likely Amazon contacted you and requested you submit a developer registration and assessment form. Did you do that in the last year? Did you get a response from Amazon to your assessment? The assessment determines your access rights. Normally Amazon would have notified you if your access rights were getting changed.

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